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A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 6 - Developing Feelings

Episode 6 of A Couple of Cuckoos has now aired and it was finally revealed who Hiro is engaged to. As usual, it’s not always what we thought. Moreover, we got to know more about her: where she works, how she treats her friends, and a bit about how jealous she really is. Aside from Hiro, we also got to know more about Nagi. We may know him as this industrious and diligent student but he also has crazy wishes of his own such as doing house chores buck naked.

Ironically though, Erika got the spotlight for me in the past couple of episodes despite them being centered around Hiro. Instead of the series trying to make Hiro and Nagi’s relationship more robust, Erika is the one who gets more inclined towards him. I also love the fact that when Nagi told her about his feelings for Hiro, she was very supportive of it until the episode delivered her bath scene wherein she ponders about Nagi being in love with someone else. Even though the scene was very short it was very significant as it may imply that Erika is starting to develop feelings for him.

Nevertheless, her carelessness while trying to set up Nagi and Hiro somehow always ends up in her favor. It feels like the show is already trying to tell us that she is the one who will in the end win Nagi’s heart. And perhaps, the harem thematic introduced to us all along was a ruse.

How the Series Has Been After 6 Episodes

After 6 episodes, A Couple of Cuckoos is heading on a good path. The balance between humor and drama is the one that is carrying this show and makes this rom-com for me really exciting. The series keeps teasing us with crazy scenarios that end up with unexpectedly hilarious outcomes. It also consistently gives subtle hints of the inevitable end for both the duo who got switched at birth. I may have labeled the series as a dumpster fire after watching the first episode, but this might become less dumpster and more fire because as more episodes air, things are surely heating up.

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