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A Couple of Cuckoos Opening Reached 1 Million Views on YouTube

The creditless opening animation sequence of the rom-com series A Couple of Cuckoos has reached 1 million views on YouTube. The opening sequence was posted on Kadokawa’s official channel on April 6. The song is titled “Dekoboko (凸凹)” and performed by Kiyoe Yoshioka.

A Couple of Cuckoos Opening

The opening sequence animation was also posted on the official Twitter of the series with a commemorative illustration at the start.

The anime adaptation is based on a shonen manga written and illustrated by Miki YoshikawaKodansha is currently publishing it in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2020, and it currently has 11 volumes in circulation. Moreover, Kodansha Comics handles the publishing of the manga series in English.

Studios Shin-Ei Animation (Teasing Master Takagi-san 3) and Synergy SP (Taishou Maiden Fairytale) are in charge of animating the series. Yoshiyuki Shirahata (Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle) is directing with Hiroaki Akagi (Teasing Master Takagi-san) as the chief director. Yasuhiro Nakanishi (Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic) is writing the scripts, Aya Takano (Teasing Master Takagi-san) is doing the character design, and Rei Ishizuka (PriPara) is composing the music. Sangatsu no Phantasia (Kiznaiver ED) is performing the ending theme titled “Shikaku Unmei“.

Crunchyroll is streaming both Japanese and English dubs and they describe the series as:
On the way to meet his birth parents, super-student Nagi meets brash Erika, who needs a quick favor. Pose as her boyfriend at dinner so she can avoid an arranged marriage. But things get tricky once they realize they’re heading to the same spot, and her parents still want them wed. How does he ask out his school crush, keep his grades up, and hide his pending nuptials? No one said love was easy!

Source: Official Twitter 
© Miki Yoshikawa / Kodansha / A Couple of Cuckoos Production Committee

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