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A Girl & Her Guard Dog Episode 4 - Protection and Incidents

A Girl & Her Guard Dog Episode 4 starts where the last episode ended. Isaku initially said she was okay with Keiya kissing her, but then she changed her mind. She ran off to a sketchy area with multiple alleyways and when Keiya searched for her, he only found her fallen hat. Suddenly, someone brandishing a gun approached him from behind. Isaku also returned to the sound and caught the guy with the gun, but seeing Keiya shocked her because he usually tried to hide this side of himself from her. At the hospital, Keiya tried to lighten the tense mood with a joke that his injury caused bad pain. However, it wasn’t a good joke for her.

Honestly, when they were going to kiss in the middle of the crosswalk with walk signs, I thought it was funny because it’s an anime thing where time moves so slowly and there’s probably no chance for them to get hit, even during a slow kiss scene. But in any case, this part was a typical scene where the girl just says, ‘Never mind, I don’t want to kiss you anymore,’ so I’m not very surprised that she ran off.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog Episode 4 is a school trip episode, so there were a lot of incidents in this episode. I find school trip episodes so interesting because many things happen in anime, which amazes me. It was entertaining because I love it when things go wrong during trips in the anime world.

The first incident involved them making food for the class at the beach. She was cutting onions and her eyes began tearing up. One of the boys helped by covering and wiping her eyes to prevent too much irritation. However, a knife came between them because of jealous Keiya. The next incident occurred when her friend realized she had left something in the bathroom. In Japan, there are designated times for each gender to use the facilities. Unfortunately, it was the boys’ time when they went to retrieve her items. As they searched, they took a while to find her phone so she checked the other side of the bathroom. There, she unexpectedly saw him naked, with a towel around him. She was shocked and quickly covered the door to prevent her friends from seeing him. She asked them to leave and promised to join them later. Afterward, they discussed the situation and then the teacher arrived. The next incident involved them getting stuck inside a bathroom stall. Eventually, they managed to escape. 

The following day, they played the watermelon game, where someone is blindfolded and has to hit a watermelon. While playing the game, she noticed him leaving and saw another guy behaving suspiciously. She tried to protect him by using a watermelon to hit the suspicious guy, unaware he was a part of her family. She later apologized and that incident came to an end. The final incident occurred when she got lotion for her friend and got kidnapped. That’s how A Girl & Her Guard Dog Episode 4 ended.

My review for A Girl & Her Guard Dog Episode 4 is “okay.” This episode, for me, wasn’t the best. Yes, I like school trip episodes and incidents happening, but they could have done more with it. For some reason, the animation feels unfinished, like it didn’t reach its full potential. It’s a typical school trip episode with just a lot of incidents.

I give this episode of A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 4 a 6/10.

Screenshots via Crunchyroll
© Hatsuharu, Kodansha / A Girl & Her Guard Dog Production Committee

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