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A Girl & Her Guard Dog Episode 6 - An Adventure

A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 6 began with Isaku studying her homework and feeling bored. Then, she received a text message from one of her classmates asking if she wanted to hang out soon, and she agreed. As she left her study room, she noticed two members cleaning the hallway floor. She offered to help but they declined because they feared Keiya’s upset reaction if he found out she was helping. Keiya didn’t want her to do anything risky; he just wanted her to relax and stay safe.

Later, Isaku retreated to her room and pondered her boredom. Keiya entered her room and recognized her restlessness, having been informed by the other members that she had offered to help clean the hallway. Keiya invited her to have some jelly with him. During their snack, he suggested they attend the upcoming festival together and wander around. She hesitated, as she didn’t want to run into her old grade school classmates who knew her yakuza affiliation. However, she eventually agreed to go to the festival with him because she wanted to have fun.

At the festival, as they strolled around, they unexpectedly encountered her grade school classmates. The classmates discussed seeing her and appeared scared because of her yakuza connection. Keiya claimed to be her classmate, stating they were on a date. To escape the awkward situation, they held hands to make it clear they were together. Later, Isaku spotted a shooting game where you could win prizes by knocking items down. Isaku noticed a grumpy-looking dog prize and thought it might remind her of Keiya, so she decided to give the game a try. Unfortunately, she failed to win the prize.

After seeing her disappointment, Keiya decided to play the game and he even won the prize for her. Later, Isaku grew tired so they took a break. While Isaku sat alone, she kissed the dog prize and thought of Keiya. He saw this and pretended that Isaku’s friends were approaching so she quickly put on a mask. Keiya then kissed her forehead, jealous of her earlier interaction with the stuffed dog.

I love festival episodes and this was a pretty cute one. They had a pretend date but to Keiya, he said that it wasn’t pretend — it meant something to him. It’s unfortunate how she has to avoid her old classmates because of her background though. It’s not her fault that she lives with her grandfather, a part of the yakuza. Her life may be a little interesting but she still has people around her who care for her. Overall, this part of A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 6 was heartwarming. Festival episodes are one of my top five types of episodes in anime, so it warmed my heart a little.

As mentioned earlier in the episode, Isaku had plans with her friends that made her so excited and restless that she couldn’t sleep the night before. She ended up still having a great time with her friends, including trying out many things like tapioca. It was her first time trying tapioca and she mentioned how it was hard to suck, which is really a common experience when drinking tapioca; it can be challenging at times. They also visited stores and explored various things, like sunglasses. It was a typical high school adventure that you often have with your friends.

This part of A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 6, is also cute because it lets you see Isaku hanging out with people for the first time. Her goal was to make friends, have adventures with them, and experience the real life of a high school student.

Later on in A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 6, Keiya was waiting for Isaku to wake up for breakfast, but she was still asleep. He gently woke her but Isaku started expressing her reluctance for Keiya to see her just after waking up. Isaku felt that she didn’t look her best in the morning. However, Keiya assured her that she always looked cute, 24/7, 365 days a year.

During this moment, he noticed that she was sleeping with the stuffed dog. She explained that the dog had become tangled up in her bed and mentioned that it reminded her of him. While holding it, Keiya had a flashback of when she kissed the dog and then he felt jealous that she got to kiss the stuffed dog and not him. Isaku asked for the dog back, but he discarded the dog.

Following this, he decided to cuddle with her, leaving Isaku feeling confused. They engaged in small talk but suddenly, she fell asleep. He was on the verge of kissing her lips but stopped himself because she had become unconscious. He didn’t want to do that without her consent and began pondering how long he would have to wait before expressing his feelings for her.

I appreciated how he expressed how cute he found her. The fact that he refrained from kissing her was a considerate and admirable gesture, emphasizing the importance of consent. It was also amusing how he felt a tinge of jealousy over a stuffed dog, but at least, he understood the reason behind the kiss. A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 6 had a very cute ending, with the jealousy part quite enjoyable.

Now, for my general review of A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 6, I found this episode to be cute but one significant aspect that fell short was the animation. Many things didn’t align properly. There were key moments where the characters weren’t talking yet there were audio segments implying they were speaking. Additionally, there were scenes where the characters’ expressions remained unvaried, making them appear the same in uncertain situations.

Keiya seemed more like an NPC (non-playable character) in A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 6, and no offense intended, but I believe this episode highlighted how little care the animators gave to this anime. Numerous aspects of the animation felt disjointed, and it left me feeling like my brain wasn’t processing how everything was put together. If more thought and effort were put into the animation, I believe this series could be even better, but it seems like they don’t care, which is disappointing.

There were many instances where Keiya looked like a different person from different angles. This episode wasn’t the greatest in terms of animation quality in the series so far. I give this episode of A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 6 a 6/10.

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