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A-Pictures Creates Armagia Project Manga Volume 1 Cover

Armagia Project manga will be releasing its first volume on October 10 with a newly revealed cover by studio A-1 Pictures. The manga is written by Reom, illustrated by Kanori Yamazaki, and storyboarded by Mito Sato (Sword Art Online: Re:Aincrad). The manga is being serialized in Futabasha’s Monthly Action magazine and GANMA!.

Armagia Project – Manga, Volume 1 (by A-1 Pictures)

Volume 1 of Armagia manga will be available in 2 editions: regular and special. The special edition will feature “Shitsui no Principle -diva. Akane-” CD with 6 songs, which will be sung by Akane and Neon, who are voiced by Shiina Natsukawa and Momo Asakura respectively. Neon is the character who is featured on the cover; she is the protagonist of the story. The plot follows two girls who were brought together by fate.

A-1 Pictures previously worked on CD covers for the Armagia mix-media project. There are currently four singles out. Singers and voice actresses Sora Tokui, Yui Ogura, and Yurika Kubo have been involved in the project through these releases. They will also be a part of the upcoming event in December, along with Shiina Natsukawa and Momo Asakura. A preview video for all the songs (up until 2021) is available:

The official website gives a better overview of the story. It focuses on Neon, who loses her parents after they were taken away by the empire officials. One day, a rebellion led by Armagia begins. As chaos erupts Neon meets a girl named Akane and ends up joining the resistance herself. Akane manages to draw out her powers with her song and Neon is determined to find her parents and fight the empire.

Creator of Argmagia Project, Aqua Aris, is an animation and music company best-known as a producer behind some popular titles such as Aquatope on White Sand, Peach Boy Riverside, and Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle. They are also involved with the Prima Doll anime, which is airing this season.

Source: Official Website

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