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Akebi's Sailor Uniform Episode 8 - The Spirit of Competition

In Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 8, Akebi must win against her classmate in a swimming race, or else she loses her uniform! Who wins it in the end? Let’s talk about what went down this week in a spoiler-filled discussion.

The athletics festival

With signups for the athletics festival beginning, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 8 sees Akebi join the swim team. Joining her there is Minakami Riri. She’s a true athlete, having been part of nationals since she was of a young age. However, the conflict arises when it’s revealed that Akebi wants to be part of the freestyle portion of the swim team. Minakami is the current freestyle anchor. With only one of them able to represent in the event, they decide to have a race between themselves to determine who will take the spot.

Raising the tensions even further, Minakami confronts Akebi one on one in the classroom. She forces Akebi into taking a wager between the two of them; if Akebi wins, Minakami will do anything she wants, and if Minakami wins, Akebi has to give her the sailor uniform. That’s right, the sailor uniform Akebi loves so much and the one the show is named after is on the line here.

Minakami raises the stakes for Akebi!

Forget the fact that Akebi could just reject the wager. The thought doesn’t even cross her mind, and given that that’s the case, the tension is at an all time high with her. It’s because of this that she’s forced to take this little race seriously, raising the stakes and viewer investment.

The freestyle race

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 8 then shows us the showdown between Akebi and Minakami. The two stand next to each other at one end of the swimming pool. Above them, their classmates watch on, eager to see who wins.

At the sound of the whistle, the two launch themselves into the pool. This entire swim race is animated in such a beautiful way. The elegance and power of the girls darting through the water is so evident here. The strengths of each character is also highlighted really effectively. The show is able to communicate that Akebi is a very competent swimmer, but still falls behind Minakami in a significant way. It’s only really when Erika yells words of encouragement to Akebi that she musters up the strength to close the gap somewhat. It’s a beautiful sequence to watch, and it’s quite amazing seeing how easy it is to get invested in what is meant to be a simple race.

Cloverworks did a splendid job animating this race.

Minakami ends up winning the race, but reveals to Akebi that she was just kidding. Because of course she was. The show is titled “Akebi’s Sailor Uniform” after all. The result of the race ends up being a net positive though, with Akebi being driven more than ever to be a winner, and to give competitive swimming her all.

Akebi’s new uniform?

The B-plot of Akebi’s Sailor Uniform episode 8 sees Akebi’s mom preparing a new uniform for Akebi, with summer soon approaching. On the day she is to wear the new uniform, we get an adorable scene of her dad and sister eagerly waiting for her to come out. When she does come out, donning the uniform, she is as gorgeous as ever, despite her worries and uncertainties. She gives her sister a twirl just like the pop star Mika, and draws the episode to a close.

Akebi is beautiful in her new outfit!

This week’s episode also has a post credits scene! It’s a wholly heartwarming one, where Kao laments that she doesn’t look as cool as Akebi does in the sailor uniform. Akebi comforts her, and we’re reminded of just why it’s such a joy to watch this show. It’s compelling, wholesome, and fun, just like it’s been for the whole season. Hopefully it doesn’t change moving forward.

You can watch Akebi’s Sailor Uniform on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Episode 9 will air on March 3rd, 2022.
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