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ALI J-rock Band Goes on Hiatus After Drummer's Arrest

Nikkan Sports reported that ALI J-rock band will go on a hiatus until further notice. The band suspended its activities due to the arrest of their drummer Kahadio, whose contract has now been canceled. Due to the scandal, “The World Ends With You” had to swap its opening theme.

Kahadio was arrested twice in April because he was suspected of committing communications fraud. After that, he was caught on camera withdrawing the money from the scam out of an ATM. He then confessed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

He was arrested for the second time after being suspected of scamming a 70-years-old woman by telling her that she’ll get a refund for her medical expenses. All she had to do was to pay around 2.31 million yen to the bank account Kahadio took money out of.

The ALI J-rock band made theme songs for shows such as “BEASTARS”, “Jujutsu Kaisen”, and “Noblesse” anime before they went on a hiatus.

Also, you can listen to ALI’s opening theme for “BEASTARS” below:

BEASTARS Season 1 Opening Theme

ALI j-rock band informed fans about the hiatus and apologized to the victims on their website. They also said that they will give any support needed in the matter of the former drummer.

Source: Nikkan Sport
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