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My Hero Academia Episode 96: Epic Showdowns and Unfortunate Endings

The emotional, heart-pumping action of Episode 96 is exactly what My Hero Academia fans everywhere love. From down-and-out moments to redemption rescue attempts, this episode is one for the books as it shows what this series is truly all about.

However, all’s well that ends well… right?


The episode picks up where it left off last week with Iida escaping the ice. Juzo realizes he’s no match for a 1 v 1 fight and immediately flees the scene.

Unfortunately, this leaves an empty feeling after showing incredible animations and Iida’s new top speed. It was a lot of build-up for nothing to happen.

But it ended up being worth it.

The episode cuts to Ojiro and Sen’s fight. Sen has Ojiro on the ropes until Iida comes in from out of nowhere to grab Shin.

In this moment, Shin questions why Iida came to save Ojiro instead of going after Juzo. Iida replies, “This is what my brother would’ve done.”

Iida rushes to throw Shin in the jail cell and Class-A takes a quick 1-0 to start off the episode.

Highlight Of The Episode, Shoto Gets Fired Up

The battle between Todoroki and Tetsutetsu easily became the highlight of the episode.

With Shoto getting beaten to a pulp by Tetsutetsu, he decides to finally use his flames. At first, the flames are nothing for the Steel user. He explains to Shoto that, during training, he would sit in a scorching hot oven just so his steel would get used to the heat.

Shoto has a flashback moment to his training with his father, Endeavor. In a heat of rage, pun intended, his flames become burning hot to the point the live camera feed of the fight was actually cut off.

What ensued next was epic on so many levels.

Todoroki not only managed to bring out what Endeavor trained him to do, but he harnessed it.

Shoto was going in for the final blow on Tetsutetsu, that is until a turning point in the battle seized that from happening.

First Turning Point

Just as how the episode cut away from that epic moment, this article will follow suit for a quick second.

As Sen pointed out while Iida captured him, Juzo was left free to roam. And, as such, he became Class-B’s savior

On the other side of the battlefield, Ojiro and Shoji manage to capture Pony. Juzo tries to get her back, but Shoji manages to help Ojiro escape.

But Pony had other plans in mind.

She uses her horns to fly Ojiro through the air all the way to the jail cell. Arguably one of the most epic captures of the entire arc so far.

Second Turning Point

Okay, back to the good stuff!

Juzo rushes to the Shoto and Tetsutetsu fight. He quickly uses his softening quirk to trap Shoto before he can land the final blow. While Tetsutetsu is on the verge of passing out from the extreme heat he endured, a falling pipe knocks Shoto unconscious.

But just when Class-B looks to have turned the tides for, Iida comes in out of nowhere…again. He kicks Juzo right across the face at top-speed, breaking his mask in half, almost knocking him out.

Iida grabs Shoto and tries to run away. But Juzo and Tetsutetsu make one last ditch effort to stop them. Juzo manages to soften a large water tank-like structure while Tetsutetsu hits hit to make fall.

The structure begins to fall on top of Iida and a knocked-out Shoto. Just as the structure lands on them, Iida made sure to toss Shoto out of harm’s way while he gets crushed.

Unfortunate Outcome

That scene left Shoto, Juzo, and Tetsutetsu all unconscious while Iida was unable to move. This left Shoji and Pony the only remaining ones in battle.

Pony picks up Shoto, Juzo, and Tetsutetsu with her horns. However, if she tried to drop Shoto in the jail cell to take the lead, she realizes this would slow her down and Shoji would catch her and the other two.

If she leaves her teammates, Shoji would just pick them out and put them in the jail cell, giving Class-A the win.

So Pony decides to fly high up in the air where Shoji can’t reach her and let the clock run out instead.

The epic episode sadly ends up in a 1-1 tie as time expires.

While it was the smart decision, it was yet another wonderful build-up to an anti-climatic ending.

Episode MVP

The MVP of this episode goes to Iida. While Class-A didn’t necessarily win the match, Iida saved both Ojiro and Todoroki at two different times when things looked bleak for the team.

Without him, the match would have been over quickly.

Instead of going after the “villains” of Class-B, his goal was to save his teammates first and make his brother proud. A true definition of a hero.

This season is getting better and better as goes along. Episode 97 of My Hero Academia will air next Saturday, May 22, on Crunchyroll.

If you thought episode 96 was the best one this week, you can vote for it on our weekly poll!

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