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Aniplex Teases "Build Divide" Original Anime & Card Game

On July 4, 2021, the Aniplex Online Fest 2021 held a teaser segment for its highly anticipated anime project called “Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black).” Accept. Bloom, Gambler of Souls!

Media company Aniplex, card game design company Yūhodō, and animation studio LIDEN FILMS will be working together for this project. It is Aniplex’s first “Trading Card Game (TCG)” with an original anime project. Manga writer Homura Kawamoto and his brother Hikaru Muno are credited for the original concept work.

Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black) Visual Teaser

At the Aniplex Online Fest, “Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)” was included in the highlights for upcoming shows. Yūto Uemura, the voice actor of the protagonist, promoted the anime as well as the trading card game. He shared his experience about the recording sessions. Yūto Uemura wondered what effects the cards have, what abilities they trigger, and how they activate. Thus, he is really excited for the actual game cards to be released this October!

Build Divide: Yūto Uemura as Teruto Kurabe

Yūto Uemura also introduces his character Teruto Kurabe. He describes his personality as “cool and detached” but also “comical and cute”. Lastly, he says how much the cast and staff are doing their best to produce the “Build Divide” anime. Before the segment ends, a preview of its teaser video was shown. Watch the “Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)” teaser:

About Build Divide: Characters, Cast, & Staff

Last June 18, 2021. “Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)” also announced their cast and characters for the original anime.” Yūto Uemura will play the protagonist, Teruhito Kurabe. Sayumi Watabe will also voice Sakura Banka, a mysterious girl who tells Teruhito about Build Divide. Meanwhile, Aoi Koga will voice Hiyori Tori, a girl who strives in Build Divide to change her impoverished life. Yū Serizawa will be Kikka, who has an odd attachment to Teruhito. Lastly, Atsushi Tamaru will be Naomitsu Enjō, a young man who engages in the fight to revolutionize New Kyoto.

Aniplex also revealed the staff behind “Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black.)” Yuki Komada will be directing the anime at LIDEN FILMS, while Yoriko Tomita will write the series scripts. Lastly, Shinpei Tomooka is designing the characters.

Anime Release Date

“Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)” follows the story of Teruhito and his friends in “New Kyoto.” Together, they will fight their governing lord through card game! The first cour of the Build Divide anime will premiere this October 2021 together with the debut of the actual card game. Meanwhile, the second cour will premiere in April 2022. More details is available on the official website, as well as their official Twitter account. Read other news articles on the site.

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