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Arifureta Season 2 Episode 1: A New Journey Begins

Arifureta is finally back with episode 1 of season 2! The episode begins with a badass fight scene of Hajime and an unknown girl with angel wings. In this battle, Hajime said that he will not hesitate to kill anyone who stands in his way, even if it is a god. The way he said the sentence along with the angles shown when he was speaking made it look like he was indeed fighting a god, although there is still no confirmation. As the story progresses, we will probably be able to tell who that girl is, though we might have to wait for the 12th and final episode of Arifureta season 2.

Hajime’s enemy

The next scene we saw is about Shizuku coming back to the capital together with her classmates. If you still remember, at the ending of season 1, Kaori parted ways with Shizuku and the others because she decided to join Hajime’s party. After that, Shizuku returned to the capital, which we saw in this part.

Meanwhile, in Hajime’s group, we were able to witness the beginning of their journey together with Kaori.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

We all know that Kaori confessed her feelings to Hajime at the ending of Arifureta season 1. However, Hajime was already in love with Yue and they also did many “intimate couple things” in the past. We could see how far ahead Yue is in terms of winning Hajime over. Even though Hajime and Yue already love each other, Kaori will still try to make Hajime fall for her since they are close and care for each other, plus they are living in another world that promotes polygamy, which is common in anime.

Kaori and Yue

I’d say that the beginning of Kaori’s adventure with Hajime was quite an unpleasant experience for her because Yue is always bullying her and making her jealous. The anime made this scene comedic, but if we take look back at the OVAs from the first season, Kaori and Yue revealed what they really thought of each other and how much they love Hajime. Since they are now in one party, it’s safe to assume that we will always be able to see Kaori and Yue fighting for Hajime’s attention.

New Crisis, New Battle

Hajime and his party are on their way to Erisen to bring Myu home. However, they encounter a person who has been infected by something. According to him, the poison has spread into his town, Ankaji and it happens to be part of the city they are headed to. The only cure to the poison can be found in the Gruen Volcano. Since Myu was raised in that town, Hajime can’t ignore the fact that the people there are suffering from an epidemic. He decides to go to the Gruen Volcano before going to Ankaji.

At the same time, general Freid of the Demon Kingdom is planning to go to a certain volcano to obtain high-class magic. He became aware of the existence of Hajime’s party after they killed Cattleya in the Labyrinth of Orcus in season 1. So he decided that he must become stronger before he faces Hajime. That said, the anime didn’t name the volcano where Freid is headed to. If Freid is referring to the Gruen Volcano, then there’s a possibility of him encountering Hajime there. We can assume that Hajime and Freid are going to the same volcano, but it might just not happen yet.

Freid and Hajime

It seems that a big battle will happen soon based on Freid’s words and actions. Can Hajime and his party survive it without losing a member? If you are also curious, episode 2 will air on January 20, 2022, and you can watch it on Funimation.

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With the addition of Kaori into their party, Hajime and his friends make for Myu’s hometown, the coastal city of Erisen. While crossing the Gruen Desert, they save a young Ankajian man, Bize, from a sandworm attack. Apparently, he was searching for a cure to the mysterious disease that has struck his people. His travels led him to conclude that a mineral known as stillrock held the key to saving his country, but it can only be found inside the Grand Gruen Volcano, a labyrinth far too dangerous for most. Hajime agrees to help Bize procure some, and the party begins their quest to conquer yet another labyrinth. But along the way, they meet a most unexpected foe…

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