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Arifureta Season 2 Episode 11 - Hajime's Wrath

Episode 11 of Arifureta season 2 made a dark turn because of Hiyama and Eri’s betrayal. Eri revealed that all of the knights and the maid in the capital were all dead. The only reason why they are still moving is because of her Necromancy magic. What made it worse is that the only reason why Eri did this is that she was in love with Kouki. She is planning to kill Kouki and revive him using Necromancy to make him hers. Well, Eri really believes that she loves Kouki, but as a watcher, I can tell that she is just obsessed with him. Eri also gave her classmates an example of what she can do by killing one of them and making him one of her zombies.

Eri’s way of confessing to Kouki

It was finally Shizuku’s turn to be killed and become a zombie, but thanks to Kaori and Lily’s arrival, she was saved. However, Hiyama’s arrival was unforeseen, and he attacked both of them, killing Kaori in the process. Luckily, Kaori managed to finish healing all of her classmates before she died. This is a bit ironic since Hiyama is also the one who tried to kill Hajime in the first episode of Arifureta season 1. Maybe some of you are thinking about why Hiyama killed Kaori despite the fact that he likes her. It was not explained in the anime, but according to the light novel, Eri will turn Kaori into a zombie and she will serve Hiyama as his slave. Just as Eri was supposed to turn Kaori into a zombie, Hajime, together with Tio and Aiko, arrived. Because of that, Eri cannot finish her chant.

Hiyama kills Kaori

You can clearly see that Hajime is angry. It seems that he is ready to kill anyone, friend or foe, he doesn’t care at all. Even his classmates, which Kaori saved, almost died in his attack. Hajime didn’t hesitate to beat up Hiyama and Eri. As usual, all of Eri’s zombies, including Meld, the former commander of the knights were defeated by Hajime. Well, for me, this is proof that Hajime has an affection for Kaori, even if not that much. It is obvious that Hajime is in despair, that’s why he doesn’t care if he happens to kill his classmates with his attacks. That said, there’s no salvation for Hiyama and Eri because of what they did to Kaori. Hajime threw Hiyama to be eaten by the monsters surrounding the capital, and then immediately incinerated all of them. Freid also appeared in hope that he could finally kill Hajime, but even he can tell that he will just be crushed by him in an instant because of the demonic power and the energy he is emitting. Thus, he retreated and took Eri with him.

Hajime’s punishing Hiyama

Well, if Kaori is alive, I have a feeling that she will be glad when she happens to know what Hajime did when she died. As I’ve mentioned in my episode 6 feature, Kaori now aims to be someone special for Hajime. How will Hajime deal with the situation? I’m sure that Kaori’s death was unexpected. Though, in the previous episode, Hajime just obtained the power to move the souls of the living to another body. I’ve also mentioned in my episode 10 feature that whenever Hajime obtains a new power, it means that the moment he needs to use it is nearly approaching. Will the events in episode 11 of Arifureta season 2 make him use it? If so, will Kaori be revived? If you are curious, stay tuned.

Episode 12 will air on March 31, 2022, and you can watch it on Funimation. The anime is now approaching its climax, if you love where it is going, you can also vote for it on our Anime of the Season poll.

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