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Arifureta Season 2 Episode 4 - Myu Reunites With Her Mother

Myu finally returned home and had a very touching reunion with her mother, Remia, in episode 4 of Arifureta season 2. Hajime, Yue, and Shea had a very hard time escaping the erupting Gruen Volcano. This particular incident has led them to the floating city of Erisen, Myu’s hometown.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

Hajime and his gang arrived in Erisen, and it seems that the people are familiar with Myu. In fact, all of them were aware of Myu’s kidnapping in the past so they are now trying to protect their city on their own. This episode also emphasized that the people of Erisen were satisfied and happy to see her come back.

Erisen’s residents watching Myu and Remia’s touching reunion

Since Myu just came back, it is only natural that the first thing she wanted to do is to be reunited with her mother, Remia. It turns out that Remia is very popular in their city. It’s clear that people in the city want to help them both and are ready to make sacrifices for their well-being. Well, Remia was injured at the moment and she can’t even stand but she tried to pick Myu up outside her house regardless.

Myu and Remia’s reunion

The reunion of Myu ad Remia was very emotional since they were apart for so long. If not for Hajime’s efforts, the two might still be suffering as of now. Hajime helped Remia and carried her back to her house. Luckily, Kaori is a priest so she can cure Remia’s injury, though it might take a couple of days.

Remia piqued my interest in episode 4 of Arifureta season 2 because she said “ara” many times, which really gives a “gentle motherly” vibes. That said since Myu treats Hajime as her papa, he now has a connection with Remia. It also seems that Remia has taken a liking to Hajime and plans to devote her whole life to him. Of course, it would be a problem if Hajime leaves Erisen since Myu has become attached to him. According to Remia, Myu also needs a father, not just a mother. Personally, the best course of action in this situation would be for Hajime to take Remia and Myu when they leave Erisen. That means that Remia will join his harem.

Remia’s feelings

Well, since Remia is a bit forward with her feelings, the current members of Hajime’s harem are now gazing at her coldly. Not only that but the people who were listening in their discussion decided to hold a meeting since the situation implies that Remia will be married again. The episode ended with Hajime being branded as a heretic by the church. It seems that problems keep piling up as Hajime is away. The next episode will air on February 10, 2022, and you can watch it on Funimation.

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