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Arifureta Season 2 Episode 9 - An All-Out Battle for Revenge

The battle in the capital finally began in episode 9 of Arifureta season 2. Hajime went to the Divine Mountain to rescue Aiko, while Yue, Liliana, Tio, Shea, and Kaori went to the castle to inform Shizuku and their classmates about the situation. However, while they were busy, Freid launched an all-out attack on the capital, and Noint cornered Hajime.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

Yue holds a grudge towards Freid because of what he did to Hajime in episode 3 of the show. She wants to take revenge so she faces him without any reservations. Surprisingly, Yue is stronger than the last time they fought. She easily took out an entire army of white dragons. Though, Freid’s title as “God’s Apostle” was not only decoration since he was entirely on a different level than his army. In this battle, he managed to inflict a nearly fatal wound on Yue, but she managed to inflict an even more severe wound on Freid, forcing him to retreat. Well, since Freid is not yet dead, Yue’s revenge is not over. This episode was on an entirely different level from the previous ones in terms of its animation, especially when it came to battle scenes. Background music helped the experience feel better.


Shea also had her own battle. Originally, she was going to fight with Yue against Freid. However, they got separated because of Freid’s Black Eagle squadron. Mikhail, who is leading that particular team also has a grudge towards Hajime and his party, since they killed his beloved one, Cattleya in the final episode of Arifureta season 1. He wanted to take revenge by killing all of the members of Hajime’s party. Unfortunately, Shea wields a monstrous power, courtesy of Hajime and Yue, so she easily defeated all of the enemies. Shea felt like a whole different person in this scene.


Meanwhile, Hajime is having a hard time-fighting Noint since he is also carrying Aiko. He can’t go all-out because Aiko might be included in the scope of his attack. There’s also a possibility that he may not be able to protect her from Noint’s attacks. So far, Noint is the strongest enemy Hajime has faced in his entire life. Though, this battle is also proof that he is really overpowered since despite having a handicap, Noint is still having a hard time killing him. Even one of her strongest attacks, “Hellfire” can’t kill Hajime. In fact, Hajime’s attacks manage to hit her directly. Fortunately, Tio came and rescued Aiko and Hajime was able to go all out.


Hajime’s battle in the next episode will be tough for sure since the episode ended with Ishtar casting a weakening spell on Hajime, which reduces Hajime’s stats. He is the enemy territory after all. How is he going to deal with Noint now that he doesn’t have his full power? If you are curious, episode 10 will air on March 17, 2022, and you can watch it on Funimation. Lastly, if you enjoyed watching all-out fight scenes in episode 9 of Arifureta, you can vote for it on our weekly poll.

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