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Atsumi Tanezaki and Yu Miyazaki Announce Their Marriage

Voice actors Atsumi Tanezaki and Yu Miyazaki made their marriage public on their official X (formerly Twitter) accounts, posting a scanned handwritten message to everyone. Tanezaki included a picture of her cat, saying that her cat has become happier. She added that she has a lot of things going for her currently, but she reassures everyone that she will do her best. Meanwhile, Yu Miyazaki included in his message that his wife taught him various things and made him realize he still had a lot of work to do which is why he included in his statement that he would work harder now both as a husband and as an actor. Both voice actors concluded their messages by thanking everyone for their continued support.

Atsumi Tanezaki is a voice actress known for voicing Anya Forger from SPY x FAMILY, Rio Futaba from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Chise Hatori from The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Frieren from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Sajuna ‘Juju’ Inui from My Dress-Up Darling, Vivy from Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, Mizore Yoroizuka from Hibike! Euphonium, and a lot more. She also won the Best Leading Voice Actor and Best Supporting Role awards at the 17th annual Seiyu Awards.

Yu Miyazaki is a voice actor who is the voice behind Sachiro Hirugami from Haikyu!!, Zen from Gundam Build Divers, Kihel from 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams, Daigo Sase from Tsurune, and Quartz from I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss. He will also be part of the upcoming A Sign of Affection anime as the lead character Itsuomi Nagi.

Additionally, both voice actors are affiliated with Haikyo talent agency.

Source: Atsumi Tanezaki and Yu Miyazaki’s official X (formerly Twitter)
Thumbnail Credit: © HAIKYO

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