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Attack on Titan Episode 82 - Familiar Faces

Although it was quite slow, episode 82 of Attack on Titan (titled “Sunset“) brought back quite a few familiar faces. The Rumbling is still underway and we got to see the firsthand consequences of Eren’s actions within the walls, while the characters are stuck pondering the choices that led them here.

Annie reunites with Hitch after 4 years in the crystal. She opens up and reveals her backstory – her father, his abuse, and his way of making amends after she was already set to go to Paradis. Annie dreams of going back to him, as he is the only family she has but it doesn’t seem like that will be an option. Her father is in Marley, trying to convince the soldiers that the titans are coming, but things go sideways and we don’t really see what happens to him. We did however get another glimpse of how Marley treats Eldians, even when they are trying to warn them about looming doom.

Floch is back in action as well, once again proving that he has the most punchable face in the Attack on Titan universe. He does, however, explain his motives and how the trauma from 4 years ago affected him. To Floch living is better than dying with pride, a stark contrast with the Scouts’ ideology. Floch makes no sacrifices for others, as they never did the same for him. Kieth Shadis seems to be faintly aware of this and urges the recruits to adapt and wait for the change that will eventually come, just like it came with Floch and Jeagerists.

The Right Choice

As Armin prepares to head out and stop Connie (who has unsuspecting Falco), Mikasa’s constant barrage of questions pushes him over the edge. He tells her to think for herself for once, echoing what Eren told her in the previous season. Armin realizes what he’s done and apologizes, stating that he thinks Erwin would have been a better choice than him. As he leaves Mikasa notices that her scarf is gone.

For the first time in years, the remnants of Scouts are free to not fight. A world of possibilities opens up to Jean as he listens to Floch and tries to come to terms with what Eren is doing. Freedom is enticing, but it seems like it comes with a steep price that someone, somewhere will have to pay.

This episode also marked the return of Hange and Levi, who apparently doesn’t know how to die. Even when the world is ending Hange is still Hange, which is honestly the type of thing this series and the fandom need right now.

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The 82nd episode of Attack on Titan is now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll. The anime is also a contender in Anime Corner’s Winter 2022 seasonal polls. The next episode is titled “Pride“.
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