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Attack on Titan Episode 84 Preview and Staff Summary Revealed

Preview for the Attack on Titan episode 84 titled “Night of the End” is here, ahead of the March 6 release date. In the previous episode, we saw the remnants of the 104th Training Corps unite to try and stop Eren to save the world. Hange and Levi are back as well and forming unlikely alliances.

The staff snipper has been revealed on the official website (please note that this usually isn’t the final staff credits list):

  • Script: Hiroshi Seko
  • Director: Mitsue Yamazaki
  • Storyboard: Hiroshi Hamasaki
  • Chief animation directors: Manabu Akita and Masaru Kitao
  • Animation directors: Hiroyuki Saita, Akari Minagawa and Hideaki Matsuoka

The preview at the end of episode 84 teases the upcoming story:
Enemies are made in the chaos of war. We hated, loathed, and killed one another. What lies beyond the campfire?

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Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 began airing in January 2022. This season of the anime is set to have 12 episodes. The final one has recently been pushed to April 3 from the previously scheduled March 27. The reasoning was scheduling issues on the NHK broadcaster where the anime airs in Japan.

Source: Episode 83, Official Website
©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN” The Final Season Production Committee

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