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Attack on Titan Episode 83 - Save the World

Unlikely alliances were formed, and old friendships resurrected in episode 83 of Attack on Titan as The Rumbling continued. Hange and Levi are alive and ready to work with Pieck and Magath, but to do that, they will have to reunite with Mikasa and others, including Connie and Armin.

As we’ve seen in one of the previous episodes, Connie has a plan to feed Falco to his mother and save her from Ragako village. Armin tries to sacrifice himself once again as he thinks it’s something Erwin would do, but Connie comes to his senses and saves him. Connie decides this isn’t what his mother would want for him and gives up on his plan, allowing Gabi and Falco to reunite.

Meanwhile, a plan to take Jeagerists down is in motion. Pieck and Magath’s condition to work with the Scouts (and later Annie and Reiner) is Yelena, so the group sets an elaborate plan in motion to save her and Onyankopon. Once again, Yelena shows her ideology or lack thereof. Onyankopon repeats that everything he did he did for his homeland. He is now lost since Eren’s plan means the destruction of the world.

Bells of Freedom

While bells of freedom are ringing for some citizens of Paradis for quite a few, these are the final moments. Louise is one of them, as we find out when Mikasa finds her with Eren’s scarf. Louise claims Eren asked her to throw it out, but she thought she would take it instead. To Mikasa, this is not good enough, and she once again shows her disapproval for Louise, who she saved as a child. For Louise, who never cared for Eren and only joined the army to be like Mikasa, this is an end with no regrets. She devoted her heart to the cause, and in another life, she would have made a great Scout Regiment member.

Jean’s leadership skills shine once again in a touching ode to Marco. The first friend he made is a constant reminder to do better and fight. Ironically, Jean’s allies are now the very people who killed Marco and the people who refused to try and reason with him.

The remaining members of the 104th Training Corps are now together and ready to take on Eren to try and stop his plan. However, Eren is still in his titan form and the Colossals from the walls are fully out of the urban area on Paradis. A mysterious figure was watching the newly-found allies as they were escaping Shiganshina as well. After a few slower episodes, this one really served as a build-up for what is to come. Next week we’ll be watching “Night of the End“.

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