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World's End Harem Episode 8 - Shouta Exacts His Revenge on Shion and Erika

Shouta Doi finally had the opportunity to take revenge on the people who made his life miserable in episode 8 of World’s End Harem. We saw Shouta realize that he can do pretty much anything he wants to all of the girls in his school, so he takes the opportunity to satisfy his lust. All the attention starts getting to his head and he no longer cares who he shares a room with. He even goes so far as to let the girls compete for the titles of his wives.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

In the previous episode, we see Shion joining his class. The two share a history, but how Shion needs Shouta’s help. Her dream is to become an actress, but she needs Shouta to ask the United Women for permission. However, behind her pretty face and charming attitude is a somewhat cruel person. Five years ago she was eating lunch with her friends when she saw Shouta get hit by his bullies. Her friends suggest that they go somewhere else, but Shion refuses to and stays to watch.

Shion watching Shouta

Well, Shion is really beautiful and even Shouta can’t resist her. But something stirs up in him and he decides to punish her for all the abuse he endured during high school. To him, the perfect idea to pay her back is by doing what she did to him – having someone watch her get humiliated. He assaults Shion on the rooftop and she doesn’t have a choice but to obey him.

Shouta kissing Shion

Shouta also meets Erika, who is the ex-girlfriend of his bully. In the past, Erika was the one who got her boyfriend to hit Shouta so his idea of revenge is to turn her into a slave while using her drug addiction to control her.

Shouta bullying Erika

In the middle of this episode, Reito and his harem were suddenly shown, and they repeated the ending scene from episode 6, just as a gentle reminder that Reito is the main character. Shouta’s perspective so far has given us a lot of fanservice but that wasn’t really relevant to the main plot. Seems like we’ll finally be getting back on track in the next episode, as Reito is headed to a research facility. If you are excited about the potential revelations, episode 9 will air on March 4, 2022, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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