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World's End Harem Finale - A Touching Reunion

Reito was finally reunited with Erisa in the season finale of World’s End Harem anime. Shouta Doi’s arrival at the United Women Japanese branch made their situation worse. Reito cannot trust the United Women because of their shady moves, and Erisa’s testimony on the previous episode. Thus, he plans to escape the United Women and go to meet Erisa. He wanted Mira to come with him but Mira refused his offer. According to her, she will only come with Reito if he agrees to mate with her. However, it seems that she knows that Reito won’t accept her offer. This is also the first time that Mira shed tears in the anime. Based on my understanding, Mira is a kind-hearted woman, and she will not take advantage of Reito because she is aware that he has feelings for Erisa. This means that she only made that proposal to Reito because she cannot leave the grasps of the United Women. Though the anime didn’t reveal her reason. What could it be?

Mira asking Reito to mate for her to come with him

While in the middle of negotiating with Mira, Pope suddenly arrested Reito and Mira but without giving a clear reason. Sui and Akane were also arrested ahead of them. Luckily, Rea and Maria helped them to escape. According to Rea, she only did it because she loves Mira and she doesn’t like her to be sad. Well, her actions were bigger than those words. Not only did she help them escape but Rea also made a move to rescue Reito’s younger sister, Mahiru. She also organized a ship that will take them to Taiwan by working with a certain member of Izanami. However, Mira can’t still come with Reito after what happened. Though this is the first episode of the anime that has shown the intimacy between Reito and Mira. Well, this is sure a sad thing since Mira is the first person Reito saw when he came out of cold sleep. She is also attended to all his needs, and if not for her, Reito would be lonely since he was all alone in their twisted world. Before they left, Reito embraced Mira and promised her that he will come back to save her. Akane, Mahiru, Maria, and Sui joined Reito on the ship. As for Rea and Mira, it is sure that they will be receiving punishment from the United Women. Are they going to survive?

Reito promising Mira to come back

According to the Izanami member that was with them, Erisa is already aware of the situation and will be waiting for them in Taiwan. While at the ship, Reito found a way to contact Number 1. It was revealed in that scene that he won’t escape the United Women because he will take responsibility for the women who got pregnant because of him.

Reito and the others finally arrive in Taiwan and find Erisa who is waiting to welcome them. The angle of this particular scene is perfect for the reunion of Reito and Erisa. The ending song of the anime also played as background music at that time, which is also perfect because of its gentle rhythm. Erisa and Reito have known each other since they were kids, and they were best friends. Looking back at the first episode of the series, Reito confessed his feelings for Erisa. Although Erisa didn’t give Reito an answer, the last thing is he saw before he went to cold sleep was Erisa’s face, saying that she will wait for him to come back, which could imply that she also has feelings for him, and now, they finally met each other after five years. The reunion was not one-sided, both of them talked to each other while teary-eyed and they hugged. Flashbacks from the time when they were still kids were also shown, and it implied that the two of them really care for each other. Whatever happens, they will always be together until the end. According to Erisa, she waited so long for this moment. As for Reito, he believes that the two of them will succeed in creating the medicine for the MK virus if they work together since both of them are scientists. This also implied that they will be together and help each in all of the things that they are going to do, and will support each other like they did when they were children.

Reito reuniting with Erisa

Will Erisa and Reito succeed in creating the cure for the MK virus? The season finale off World’s End Harem anime was a cliffhanger since the problem was not resolved and it ended with Mira looking at a certain building, while lost in deep thought. Nevertheless, this is also a perfect ending for the season since it was already implied since the first season that Reito is going to find Erisa. Looking back, finding Erisa the reason why Reito learned the truth behind the MK virus. It was also the reason why he gained the trust of his harem. Eris is the reason why he wanted to continue his life despite having this twisted world made by the United Women. He believes that he will find happiness one day, and that is when he and Erisa are together again, and now, he finally found her. This means that he is now going to take another step for his future, and this time, with Erisa. Well, if you are satisfied with the finale of World’s End Harem, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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