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World's End Harem Episode 10 - Truth Behind Izanami and United Women

The biggest secrets of the United Women and Izanami have been finally revealed in episode 10 of World’s End Harem. Izanami made their move, bombing multiple facilities of the United Women in Japan, including Shouta’s school. It seems that they were also planning to abduct Shouta, but they failed.

Warning: This Section Might Contain Spoilers.

Karen is forced to tell Shouta the truth about there being four more men who are resistant to the MK virus. However, it seems that Karen is acting on her own. She has her own evil plans and she decides to let Shouta in on them. Surprisingly, Shouta agreed to help her and it looks like they are planning something unpleasant. They both agreed that the other men are in the way of their plans. The anime didn’t explain why Karen needs to tell Shouta the truth about the other men and her plans, but based on my understanding, Karen did this because a high official from the main headquarters of the United Women is now in Japan, so she will be needing all the help she can to achieve her goals.

Shouta, learning the truth

As I’ve said in my previous episode feature, the arrival of Chloe Mansfield in Japan is the signal for Izanami to make their move. In this episode, the Izanami hijacked the Japanese broadcasting system and made themselves appear on the television. Erisa took the lead and there she informed the people that they are not terrorists. Izanami is just a group of civilians who oppose the United Women since they discovered their secrets. Though, for me, they look like more of a cult. They are wearing long robes with hoods to hide their faces. They also have marks on their skin that symbolize their membership in Izanami. Not only that but when they abducted number 4, they called him “The Holy Servant”.


Erisa also revealed in the broadcast that aside from Reito Mizuhara, the United Women are also hiding some men who are resistant to the MK virus. Surely, this fact will surely cause people to make a riot, and what’s worse to revolt against the government. Erisa also revealed that some satellite has a high concentration of the MK virus and that the president of the company that owns the satellites is one of the leaders of the United Women. Thus, it means that the United Women were the ones who spread the MK virus 5 years ago, eradicating almost all of the men in the world. Well, there’s no telling what will the United Women do to the male survivors. The Izanami wants the United Women to turn over all of the men they are holding.

Erisa, revealing the truth

Now that the truth behind the MK virus is out, there’s no telling what normal citizens will do. Reito watched the broadcast and the situation is a mess. There’s also the possibility that we will be seeing Japan in chaos in the future episodes of the anime because of the people’s anger. If you are also curious about what will happen to the story, stay tuned to the anime. Episode 11 will air on March 18, 2022, and you can watch it on Crunchyroll. Lastly, if the mindblowing information that was revealed in episode 10 of World’s End Harem caught your attention, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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