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World's End Harem Episode 7 - The Episode We Have Been Waiting For

The fan service that many fans waited for finally came in episode 7 of World’s End Harem anime. This episode centers on Shouta Doi, so it’s a shame for people who were eager to watch this because of the cliffhanger from the previous episode. Regardless, we were now able to see the development of Shouta Doi’s relationship with the girls around him. Looking back, Shouta’s last appearance in the anime was in episode 4 which also ended with a cliffhanger. Shouta decides to take his task of repopulating the earth seriously, so different girls stay in his room every week. However, because of his traumatizing past, he refuses to accept girls who have the same personality as his bully. Still, when girls like Shunka appear he doesn’t mind being seduced.

Shunka with Shouta

Although this episode covered quite a few explicit scenes from the manga the censorship is, obviously, still there. However, racy scenes aside, this episode makes a good point of highlighting changes in Shouta’s personality. He becomes cocky and doesn’t mind deceiving girls, as he knows he is a precious resource in this new world. He succumbs to his lust and desires while taking all the girls for granted.

Akira with Shouta

Another negative side of Shouta’s personality of also evident. He becomes shallow and refuses Chifuyu because she is not attractive by his standards. After an especially racy scene involving Akira, Shunka, and Natsu, we get to see how the new life actually makes Shouta feel amazing and more confident. He is regaining his self-confidence and the world looks like a paradise to him. Shouta’s traumatizing past is now long gone, and the new him is here.

Shouta regaining his self-confidence

The episode ends with one of Shouta’s former classmates, Shion Hoshino transferring to his present school. Shion was always watching him being bullied but never did anything to partake or stop it. It’s interesting since just as when he is just starting his new life, a shadow of his unbearable past appears. What will Shouta do now that Shion is here? Is he going to take revenge? If you are curious, episode 8 will air on February 25, 2022, with the title “Revenge”.

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