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Attack on Titan Stays on Top for 4 Weeks in a Row

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 is continuing to dominate the Anime Corner Weekly Polls for the 4th week in a row. The sixth week of the season increased AoT‘s lead since it had over 25% of the total votes, compared to the 23.7% from the last week.

Although episode 81 of Attack on Titan was slightly slower when it comes to the main story, it still revealed a lot of important details. We got to see Gabi’s growth and Jean’s leadership skills, but we also had to say goodbye to a few beloved characters. Over 13 thousand votes were cast for the episode, granting it a big lead ahead of the second-ranked The Case Study of Vanitas, which “only” had 10.89% of the votes.

Anime Corner Polls: Week 6 of the Winter 2022 Season – Attack on Titan in the lead

In a somewhat surprising turn of the events, both AoT and Vanitas managed to beat the third-ranked Demon Slayer, which ended the Entertainment District Arc with an emotional episode.

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Attack on Titan returns this Sunday with the 82nd episode titled “Sunset. Now that Demon Slayer is gone, it will be interesting to see if AoT’s lead will increase or if another title will qualify as a worthy opponent. You can vote for your favorites on Anime Corner polls every week.

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