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VTuber News Round-Up: Week of February 13, 2022

We’re continuously speeding through February, and passed through Valentine’s Day. Once again: the VTubing community has been bustling with activity. For this week’s VTuber news round-up, we take the spotlight more in the wider VTubing community, apart from the boundaries of big names such as Hololive and NIJISANJI.

This Week’s Milestones

Ironmouse Hits 1M Twitch Followers, Most-Subbed Female Streamer

We start off this round-up with celebrating one of the biggest wins this VTubing community has seen: VShojo’s Ironmouse has finally crossed the one million follower count on Twitch, and is now the most-subbed female streamer on the platform. The new achievements were made as part of Ironmouse’s ongoing uncapped subathon, and as of this writing shows no signs of slowing down.

The latest data from Twitch data aggregator TwitchTracker also notes that Ironmouse has also made into the ranks of top ten most-subbed streamers of all time, breezing past streamers Hasan and Nick Mercs.

As of this writing, TwitchTracker notes that she has an all-time sub count of 84,020, of which 73,000 of them are paid subscriptions. Ironmouse’s ongoing subathon has been graced with a lot of notable moments, including when YouTuber CDawgVA encouraged fans to extend the subathon timer, as well as Ironmouse’s latest interview with Chris Broad, the YouTuber behind the channel ‘Abroad in Japan’.

Other Milestones in the VTubing Community

There are a lot of members of the VTubing community who have reached their respective milestones on their channels and social media platforms. We would like to extend our congratulations to the following:

The Ugly and Bad

Indie VTuber Discovers Flaw in TikTok’s Privacy System

Most VTubers nowadays are expanding their online reach through popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and more recently through the popular short-video platform TikTok. But little do most people know, there is a flaw in the platform’s privacy system that can expose the real identity of the user, despite using a username on the platform.

VTuber Orion Juno explained how she found out about the flaw on a Twitter thread. In the thread, she was notified by a friend who knows about her stint as a VTuber that she received a notification that her real-life contact joined the platform as ‘Orion Juno’. According to her, the flaw is evident despite switching off her app accessibility to her contacts and messages.

TikTok notes in its ‘Privacy Policy’ that they offer settings for their users to control and manage the personal data the app collects about them. However, in recent years, the platform has gone into more ‘dystopian’ ways to collect data from users, including a US update where TikTok said that they will collect ‘biometric information’ including faceprints and voiceprints.

Update on the Sim Card Registration Bill Among the Online Community

Staying on the topic of privacy, we reported during our previous VTuber news round-up the ratification of Philippine Congress’ House Bill 5793 and Senate Bill 2395, known as the SIM Card Registration bill. Said bill will require all mobile phone owners to register their details to their telco provider. Following that, members of the online community, including the PHVTuber community, feared that the bill would result in doxxing their real identity.

Following the uproar from the online community, an online petition is set up by internet advocacy rights group Democracy.net.ph and is sounded off by the developers of local bullet hell game Good Knight. The advocacy group aired their concerns on the bill, stating that it could be used by criminals to disguise their criminal activities by stealing phones with registered SIM cards and use in their operations.

Idol Corp Releases Statement Amid Hate Comments

We also included in our past VTuber news round-up coverage about the upcoming debut of Idol Corp, a VTuber startup aimed at expanding the VTubing presence to countries with little representation in the community. We also noted during that report that Idol Corp has set foot first in Israel.

Following the startup’s announcement, the company released a public statement regarding some reports of hatred directed to the affiliation of the group, stating that they are doing their best at their end to protect their talents and its fans from these targeted comments.

“We, at Idol Corporation, would like to note that our objective as a VTuber company, we want our content free from any discussions of politics and religion. On our end, we want Idol Corporation to focus on creating exciting and entertaining content for our growing number of fans, as well as to curious members of the VTubing community.”

Statement from Idol Corp

VTubers Who Are Going on a Break

Other Bad Updates

  • Hololive’s Hakui Koyori opens up on Twitter about rising concerns of trolling in her chat, stating to her followers to ‘don’t mind them’.
  • Indie VTuber Captain Dandyfloss warns followers and the online community regarding fake accounts posing to accept commissions, and using images of famous VTubers such as Kizuna Ai and Amelia Watson as samples of their output.
  • Yashin Live talent Inuuchi Tenten, is no longer associated with the group due to “creative differences.”
  • Hololive’s Uruha Rushia will not be present in the upcoming 3rd Anniversary GARIBENGER V Super Thanksgiving event due to poor physical condition, said Hololive in a statement posted on Twitter.
  • Hololive English’s Takanashi Kiara warns followers who steal art and repost it for likes or to get noticed by Kiara.
  • Overseas fans who bought tickets to watch the online concert of Hololive’s Minato Aqua might be forced to not watch it at all, as a Redditor pointed out that the terms and conditions for the Seaside Aqua Fes stated that the concert can be only watched exclusively in Japan.
  • Europe-based VTubers, keep safe: Latest reports have noted the vast destruction caused by Storm Eunice, including more than 100,000 households in the United Kingdom left powerless. UK-based VTubers such as Nijisanji’s Mysta Rias have already given heads-up to their followers regarding the situation.

The Interesting: Ex-Ubisoft/EA Community Manager-Turned VTuber, Delta-V For-Rent VTuber Resources, VTuber Models Sold as NFTS

Top Row: Pumpkin Potion and her content regarding building online communities; some of DELTA-V’s resources for rental, free / Bottom Row: A promotional material for the software RiBLA Broadcast; an early concept art for the AnataNFT collection.
  • Pumpkin Potion, an independent VTuber, has an interesting proposition regarding their type of content. As formerly being a community manager for brands such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts (EA), they will be dedicating their content to teach VTubers on how to build engaging online communities, an essential for VTuber networking.
  • DELTA-V will implement a new project by the end of February where interested individuals can rent out VTuber-related resources such as Live2D models for free.
  • Delving into the NFT craze, a collection of VTuber NFTs called “AnataNFT” have been launched, where buyers of the NFT can use the avatars for various purposes, such as avatars on video conferencing apps, profile pictures, and other metaverse-related identity usage.
  • RiBLA Broadcast, a PC software that can track 3D characters such as VTuber models using only a PC and webcam, is now made available free for use.
  • Following the birthday of Hololive Indonesia’s Moona Hoshinova, one of its fan groups “Moonafic” engaged in multiple tributes and dedications for the celebrant, including getting a dedicated message from the Indonesian voice actor of SpongeBob, to crowdfunding donations to adopt two penguins handled by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

The Good

Once again, there’s a lot of good VTuber updates that we need to uncover for this week, from big-time updates to small strides made by VTubers and the online community.

Hololive Production: Cover Corp Defends Rushia, Tsunomaki Watame x Merino Food Collab, Hololive Event Twitter Opens, Moona Hoshinova’s New Single, Hololive Fantasy Cosplay on Weekly Young Jump

Top Row: The thumbnail for Moona Hoshinova’s “High Tide” music video; promotional image for Tsunomaki Watame’s collab with Merino / Bottom Row: The thumbnail for Kiara and Amelia’s “Dreamin Chuchu” cover; promotional image for Shiranui Flare’s 3D model (© COVER Corp)
  • We’re starting off with an interesting (and perhaps a hilarious) brand collaboration, Tsunomaki Watame has entered into a brand collaboration with Japanese lamb restaurant chain Merino.
  • Cover Corp has released a statement regarding the issue revolving around its talent Uruha Rushia, stating that the “private life of the talent is left up to the individual” and that they are now discussing internally how to respond to the spread of misinformation.
  • Hololive has created a separate Twitter account dedicated for announcements regarding upcoming events and live performances.
  • Moona Hoshinova of Hololive Indonesia has released its newest song titled ‘High Tide’. As of this writing, the music video nears the 400,000-view mark.
  • More merch has been released this week from the group, including a Valentine’s Day-themed collection and a whole roster of merchandise from the male group Holostars.
  • Episode one of the animated series based on the HololiveERROR Project has been released. Said project stems from the free demo of the horror game developed by Cover Corp.
  • More members get character revamps this week, including a 3D costume for Shiranui Flare, as well as Holostars members Hanasaki Miyabi and Kishido Tenma getting new costumes.
  • Takanashi Kiara and Amelia Watson join forces in releasing a cover of Dreamin Chuchu, originally performed by emon. The music video features a 3D version of their respective characters.
  • Hakos Baelz announced that by the end of February, she will be releasing her debut song. This announcement is made as Baelz continues to stream every day for this month.
  • Tokino Sora is a guest at the upcoming special winter mini-live with Suntory Nomu, the brand VTuber of beverage brand Suntory.
  • Cover Corp gets approval from game developers of FuturLab to stream and monetize streaming content featuring their game “Power Wash Simulator” on Twitter.
  • Hololive announces an official online avenue to purchase tickets for hololive SUPER EXPO 2022 and hololive 3rd fes. Link Your Wish.
  • Usada Pekora was awarded the “Topic Award” during the Game Streamers Award 2021. In a read-out message, Pekora said that “it was quite the surprise to receive such an unexpected award.”
  • Hololive Indonesia’s Kureiji Ollie appeared in the special edition of AFA Station TV, organized by one of the largest J-pop centric events in Southeast Asia, Anime Festival Asia.
  • Japanese cosplayers Enako, Iori Moe, Tsunko, Kokoro Shinozaki and Manatsu dressed up as members of Hololive Fantasy for Weekly Young Jump, and the digital photo album is available online.

NIJISANJI: NIJISANJI Branch Mergers, ChroNoiR Luxury Themed Merch

(Top) NIJISANJI logo, (Below) Promotional image for the ChroNoiR luxury collection (© ANYCOLOR, Inc.)
  • ANYCOLOR, the company behind the VTuber group NIJISANJI has announced that its South Korean and Indonesian divisions will be merged into the main NIJISANJI JP branch, which will take effect by April. See more about this story in our latest story regarding the update.
  • ChroNoiR, the duo consisting of Kanae and Kuzuha, have released their luxury-themed merchandise, including acrylic stands, handkerchief, among others.
  • Suo Sango wins the GRAPHT Award during the Game Streamer Award 2021.

Kizuna Ai Inc. Updates

The thumbnail for the waiting room of Kizuna Ai’s “Virtual Fireworks Concert”. (© Kizuna AI)
  • The “Virtual Fireworks Concert” shall be delivered in Blu-ray format as well as they have achieved 1200% of the crowdfunding they expected.
  • The upcoming The Last Live “hello, world 2022” concert will be made available on several streaming services, including Horizon Venues, bilibili and U-NEXT. Each of these platforms will have their own exclusive programming prior to the event itself, and is exclusive only to each of the platforms.
  • Kizuna Ai enters brand collaboration with Japanese energy drink brand ZONe Energy. As part of that brand collaboration, Kizuna Ai released a song called “never stop my beat“, produced by DJ TORA.
  • A Fall Guys tournament is organized by the Kizuna Ai Inc. team, featuring a total of 60 contestants.
(Top Row) Magic Circuit’s “Virtual Realities” feat. Ironmouse and Nyanners; “Horneez” by FeFe alongside her brand “HORNEEZ” / (Bottom Row) hololiveERROR OST Cover by Hiiragi Emuri and Miori Celesta; “everybody needs a break” by Tsuyu Hortenshia
  • Female English VTuber FeFe has announced on Twitter the launch of her new band “HORNEEZ”.
  • Ironmouse and Nyanners of VShojo are featured in a new song by electronic music producer Magic Circuit titled “Virtual Realities”.
  • Indie VTuber Nyaru released her first-ever song cover, a rendition of “Valentine Kiss” by the Japanese idol group Onyanko Club
  • Another indie VTuber Phoebe has released a song cover dedicated to Valentine’s Day, an English version of “Ano Aozora no Sei da” by Hololive Indonesia’s Pavolia Reine.
  • Mythic Live’s Hiiragi Emuri and Tsunderia’s Miori Celesta join forces in doing a song cover of the soundtrack of hololiveERROR.
  • Yume Reality’s Tsuyu Hortenshia releases an original song called “everybody needs a break.” centered around the message for creators like her on taking a break.
Promotional banner for Re: VOLT 2022 featuring six virtual singers, mostly from RIOT MUSIC (©︎Brave group)
  • Brave Group announces holding a live online event titled “Re: Volt 2022”, featuring six virtual singers that are part of the virtual music production company RIOT MUSIC. The lineup consists of members Cocoa Domyoji, Saki Ashizawa, Iori Matsunaga, Yuka Nagase, Suzuna Nagihara, and Miona Sumeragi.
  • The upcoming event “VTuber Fes Japan 2022” will be held at the same time as the “Nico Nico Chokaigi 2022.” This will be the first time the event will be held at a conference since 2019, and is hosted by media group PANORA.
  • A director’s cut of YFU BABY’s “Dimensions” will be made available on Twitch.

Other Good VTuber News and Updates

(Top Row) Promotional image for moonjelly’s official merchandise, promotional banner for Haconect’s 3rd Gen / (Bottom Row) Promotional image for Lumika Neko’s 3D model debut; character reference for YashinLive’s Dasu new look.
  • Yashin Live’s CEO, VTuber and music producer Dasu has unveiled a revamp to her character, representative of being with the company.
  • There are new debuts from agencies across the online community, who are the following:
  • Idol Corp announces that it will be releasing a trailer featuring the character designs of their talents by the end of February this year.
  • Kson announces brand collaboration with Ninkyo Cafe.
  • CyberLive’s Lumika Neko announces 3D model debut.
  • Indie VTuber moonjelly officially gets merchandise via merchandise company Illusion Ryuvil.
  • Bao officially gets a new character costume during Valentine’s festivities.
  • Popular singer/TikToker Belle Delphine cosplays as YFU BABY.

Extras: Classifieds for Talents, Artists etc.

  • CyberLive is on the hunt for new talent managers for their agency.
  • Popular streamer/content creator Professor Lando on the hunt for artists and riggers for his first-ever VTuber model.

There you have it: this week’s VTuber news round-up, and it was truly a rollercoaster of emotions, just like how the exchange between Nijisanji’s Mysta Rias and comedian Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger) go back and forth.

Remember: if you feel just a bit down, you might want to look at this new meme potential of cosplayers dressed up as Vox Akuma, similar to the ‘pointing Spiderman’ meme template—or perhaps this closing statement from Apex Legends’ player SZ rpr, who notes that he likes following VTubers in a bid to escape reality. See you all again next week for a jam-packed news round-up!

Banner: (from left to right) Moona Hoshinova (© COVER Corp), Ironmouse (© VShojo), Tsunomaki Watame (© COVER Corp)

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