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VTuber News Round-Up: Week of January 2, 2022

It’s the first week of January 2022, and we’re already met with new updates and endeavors from the VTuber community. From new talent applications to departures, here is Anime Corner’s first VTuber news round-up for this year.

Hololive Idol Project Launches New Sub-Unit Irohanihohetto Aya-fubu-mi

Hololive JP talents Shirakami Fubuki, Nakiri Ayame, and Ookami Mio are part of the new sub-unit Irohanihohetto Aya-fubu-mi. Their debut single, ONIKEMODANCE, is now available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes. Check it out:

For context, the Hololive Idol Project refers to the 36-member lineup of Hololive JP members. Members from the first- and second-generation groups first formed the lineup before expanding as more generations kept adding up.

Source: PR TIMES

VTuber Annin Miru Exits Yahoo TV Partnership

Japanese-Taiwanese VTuber Annin Miru has announced that her partnership with Yahoo Taiwan has ended after one year.

In her tweet, she thanked the company’s support with her throughout the past years. She added that both parties have agreed to this decision to move forward.

Source: Annin Miru on Twitter

VTuber Akane Asano to Take Hiatus Indefinitely

Akane Asano of the Asano Sisters VTuber Project announced that she will be halting her activities starting January 2 this year. In her tweet, she told followers that she has something else she wants to try, and has already been preparing for it.

She then thanked her fans, referred to as “Asano-shu,” saying that she treasures them. Lastly, she gave a message to her sister and voice actress Ruri apologizing for the long-term mission she will take. Akane will bring the memories she shared with Ruri and the fans along with her as she sets out on her next journey.

Source: Asano Akane on Twitter

Polygon Project Announces Gen 2 Auditions

Polygon Project, a Thailand-based VTuber project, has announced that it is opening applications for their Generation 2 lineup.

Interested applicants must be female and 18 years old above, have a general interest for anime and games, as well as talent in singing. The project is highly considering applicants who can speak Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The project was formed in March 2020 by four Thai-based companies: KP Comics, Shin-A Service, Guardian Angel A.I., and Polygon Official. Popular Thai VTuber Aisha is associated with the project.

Source: Polygon Project on Twitter

Hololive Error Game Available for Download

Hololive Error, the horror game project from VTuber agency Hololive Production, has launched a new demo of its horror game. The game is only available in Japanese, and only runs for Windows OS.

First announced in August 2021, the game has been played exclusively first by several Hololive JP members. You can check out that promotional video here:

Source: PR TIMES

PRISM Project’s Sumi Ushio to Graduate on January 20

Sumi Ushio, a fourth generation VTuber member of PRISM Project, is set to graduate this January 2022. In a tweet, PRISM Project has apologized for the sudden announcement, adding that the decision was made after discussion of both parties.

They also added that they respect Ushio’s desires to explore new opportunities outside of the company. Ushio debuted on November 14, 2021, making her stay in the agency around two months up until her graduation.

Source: PRISM Project

Featured Image: (from left to right) Hololive Error, ‘ONIKEMODANCE’ Album Art, Sumi Ushio

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