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VTuber News Round-Up: Week of January 9, 2022

Another week, another round of VTuber News – from terminations, closures, to celebrations and other events. Let’s start the VTuber News Round-Up for the week of January 9.

The Ugly

UwU.TV’s future “uncertain” after internal conflict

We are familiar with UwU.TV, a VTuber agency which tweeted that its “future is uncertain.” This, after its CEO Miao posts apology tweets.

What is clear at this point is that an internal conflict inside the agency led to its partner Vsyster to leave the venture. UwU.TV also clarifies that no one was fired. They are set to release an official announcement soon.

Yumeno Lilith, alongside a screenshot of the statement posted by Tsukudani Norio Production (NoriPro)

Yumeno Lilith’s contract with Tsukudani Norio Production terminated

Almost one year after her debut, succubus VTuber Yumeno Lilith’s contract with Tsukudani Norio Production (NoriPro) has been terminated. In a tweet, NorioPro states that Lilith is under suspicion of committing acts against the law, making false declarations, and violating her non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Lilith is regarded as one of the wildest VTubers out there, having a no-holds-barred personality.

Something to ponder: Banning your IRL name in chat

Shrimp VTuber Xion Ebi tweeted that her name was doxxed recently, but she took it calmly and pretend that she didn’t see anything. Following that, she gave a tip to her fellows:

VTubers, aside from this tip, how do you deal with people who don’t read the rules? Share your comments at the end of the post or tweet it using #VTuberTips and it might be the next featured VTuber tip. There are several important tips in the hashtag as well!

The Bad

Iron Vertex to refocus their strengths in 2022

Even the forerunners of VTubing need to refocus their strengths too. The Blacksmiths of Iron Vertex guild released a statement thanking everyone for their support.

They also said that while they tried to upkeep their output, they are continuously under pressure, leading to concerns about their well-being. This year, they will shift their focus and look for innovations that support VTubers, artists and the Live2D space.

Because of this, they decided to limit commissions to returning clients and their referrals only until August 2022. There are no guarantees for new referrals though, as referrals will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis.

Those who are looking for artists and Live2D riggers, they can check out the guild’s VTuber Market (vtuber.gg) for trusted animators and their samples.

Iron Vertex and its members have huge contributions in the VTubing space. Thank you for your continuous efforts in making this community great.

Source: Iron Vertex on Twitter

Screenshots of V-Katsu application on iPhone devices

V-Katsu avatar creation tool sunsets on June 30

Japanese video game website Automaton reports that VTuber avatar creation tool V-Katsu will end its service on June 30. This means that avatars created using the tool will no longer be available for use after the service is terminated.

The service is asking users to remove their avatars uploaded to external websites. Also, it will no longer be possible to use the avatars created using V-Katsu for VTubing in audio or video form on social after the service ends. This will not affect content created with the avatars which are already uploaded on social media prior to the service’s termination.

The Good

Mirai Akari VS KOKOROYAMI Album Art, side-by-side with KOKOROYAMI’s character design. / © Mirai Akari Project © KOKOROYAMI PROJECT

Mirai Akari’s other persona KOKOROYAMI makes her music debut

Fans of VTuber Mirai Akari witnessed her then alter-ego, KOKOROYAMI, take over the former’s Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter. This all concludes to Yami-chan’s debut Friday, January 14th. The low-energy Yami-chan is a heavy contrast to Mirai Akari’s energetic appearance. Yami-chan debuts under BANDAI NAMCO Arts’ GOOM STUDIO.

Along Yami-chan’s debut is the announcement of a new album, Mirai Akari VS KOKOROYAMI set on April 13. Here’s the lyric video for her debut rap song, Cry to NEW WORLD:

Source: PR Times

JAPAN EXPO Thailand presents V-Festa from January 21 to 23

The annual JAPAN EXPO Thailand will run on the weekend of January 21 to 23 at CentralWorld Shopping Center in Bangkok.

A special activity will be held inside: V-Festa. Visitors can meet VTubers from Aisha Channel, Polygon Project, Pixela Project. Premium merchandise will also be available. V-Festa will be held at the EDEN Area located at the 2nd floor of the mall.

Source: V-Festa on Facebook

Happy Birthday, Risu Ayunda!

Hololive Indonesia’s magical squirrel VTuber Risu Ayunda celebrated her birthday January 15th with a series of birthday calls from surprise guests. Risu has the third-highest YouTube subscriber count (592,000) among HoloID members. Happy Birthday, Risu!

Thank you for reading this week’s VTuber News Round-Up. Just a reminder, applications for Anime Corner’s VTuber Section continue until next week, and we encourage you to apply.

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Featured Image: (from left to right) Yumeno Lilith; KOKOROYAMI’s debut art / © Mirai Akari Project © KOKOROYAMI PROJECT; Risu Ayunda during her 2022 Birthday Call stream. / © COVER CORP.

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