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NIJISANJI ID and KR to Be Merged With Japan by April 2022

In a surprising move, ANYCOLOR Inc., the company behind the NIJISANJI Virtual YouTuber Project, will be integrating its talents from Indonesia and South Korea into the main Japanese branch. In a statement released February 17, 2022, ANYCOLOR announced this decision in order to make the project’s support system stronger and more efficient.

A total of 38 talents from both Indonesian and South Korean branches will be joining 107 other talents (called livers (live·ers)) from Japan.

After close communication with NIJISANJI ID and NIJISANJI KR member livers, we will integrate it into the domestic group “NIJISANJI” from April 2022. In addition, by incorporating a part of our overseas division into the domestic division, we will implement integration as an internal organizational structure.

Excerpt from the notice published by ANYCOLOR Inc.

As part of this integration, the 38 overseas talents will be referred to as NIJISANJI livers, making the domestic group 145 members strong. Meanwhile, the official social media accounts of NIJISANJI ID and KR will eventually cease operations, and auditions for the Indonesian branch’s 7th Generation have been cancelled.

On the other hand, VirtuaReal, NIJISANJI’s branch in China co-produced with media platform Bilibili; as well as NIJISANJI EN, are not included in this integration and will continue to operate as is.

Talents Siska Leontyne and Reza Avanluna have offered to answer some questions regarding the merger to help their audience understand the situation. Layla Alstroemeria who is also from Indonesia and Suha Min from South Korea reassured fans that despite the structural changes, they will stream as their usual selves.

The NIJISANJI project started in February 2018 and has a combined total of 200 talents from across the globe, all of which are listed in its official website. The said overseas projects are home to VTubers such as Hana Macchia, Taka Radjiman and ZEA Cornelia (Indonesia), Seffyna, Roha Lee and Ban Hada (South Korea) among others. The Indonesian and South Korean branches were launched in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Source: ANYCOLOR Inc. website

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