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Selen Tatsuki, Top Nijisanji Talent, Terminated by Agency

Selen Tatsuki, one of the biggest VTuber talents under the Nijisanji agency, has been terminated by the agency effective today, much to shock of many fans globally. Selen has been relatively silent online since December 2023.

In a detailed announcement posted by the agency on its official X (Twitter) account, they stated that they have terminated Selen’s contract immediately over grounds of non-compliance with rights confirmation and authorization flows, as well as unauthorized usage of works and assets belonging to others affiliated with ANYCOLOR, the agency’s parent company. They also stated that they have received reports on alleged inappropriate behavior by the talent in her time in the agency.

Nijisanji has also stated that in May 2023, they have already sent out a notice to Selen that any further violation of the activity rules or engaging in false or misleading statements that could damage the agency’s reputation will result in her contract termination. This is following allegations from Nijisanji that the talent has has repeatedly posted false or misleading information on social media, insinuating that the violations of the activity rules were due to mismanagement by the parent company. Despite these warnings, the agency claims the talent still violated the rules.

How a Cover Led To Selen Tatsuki’s Termination

On Christmas Day of 2023; Selen Tatsuki posted a cover song of Lilypichu’s “Last Cup of Coffee,” yet was promptly take down by management the next day. In a previous statement by the talent, she said that the management had privated her song. However, the termination announcement notes that the video was posted without prior approval from the management.

Moreover, Nijisanji claims that Selen Tatsuki made misleading statements about this cover fiasco on her official X (Twitter) account. It is also worth noting that the agency claims the talent’s music video was in violation of ANYCOLOR’s “Guidelines for Secondary Content.”

The phrase “derivate works activities” means the activities of having the Contents as original works, and then people (you) add new creativity to the Contents to create new works of expression. In other words, please note that acts of copying the Contents as is (or acts that can be seen as such) are not “derivative works activities”, and any thing that is created pursuant hereto shall not be contents regarding which these Guidelines are applicable.

Excerpt from “Guidelines for Secondary Content” (Article 1, Paragraph 2) via official website

In an attempt to calm the situation, the management endeavored to either publicly disclose the reasons for making the music video private or have Selen Tatsuki disclose them herself.

While being mindful of Selen Tatsuki’s physical and mental health, management did their best to communicate with not only Selen Tatsuki herself, but also her emergency contact. However, despite frequent communication with Selen Tatsuki’s emergency contact while remaining considerate of her situation, we were unable to come to an agreement on how to proceed. The decision was made to temporarily remove her access to accounts on various social media platforms and video distribution services under the name ‘Selen Tatsuki.’

Excerpt from official termination announcement of Nijisanji’s Selen Tatsuki

Nijisanji’s Steps on Terminating Selen Tatsuki’s Contract

After attempting to address the aforementioned situation and communicating with the legal counsel representing Selen Tatsuki, Nijisanji conveyed the necessity for Selen Tatsuki to inform the public about the reasons behind the decision to make the music video private. Despite the efforts, Nijisanji claimed that Selen Tatsuki demanded that ANYCOLOR should be held legally responsible.

According to the agency, she claimed that she was no longer able to engage in her activities as a Nijisanji talent due to the decisions made by the management, was being harassed by other affiliated Livers due to mismanagement, among other things, while refusing to acknowledge her responsibility for violating the rules. Moreover, the talent insisted that if the negotiations did not progress, she would proceed to release a statement regarding her claims to the public.

ANYCOLOR believes that the claims raised by Selen Tatsuki are in fact referring to situations that arose when she was warned about her breaches of the Activity Rules and attempts to shift the responsibility for these violations, damaging ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN’s image. This led to the deterioration of the relationship between her, ANYCOLOR, and other Livers affiliated with ANYCOLOR. ANYCOLOR firmly believes that we and the other Livers under our affiliation have not engaged in unjust practices towards Selen Tatsuki.

Following her termination, Selen Tatsuki’s social media channels and YouTube channel are promptly closed, with all of her video either privated or deleted. Nijisanji also stated that her unit, OBSYDIA, will continue their activities with Rosemi Lovelock and Petra Gurin.

This is the second termination from Nijisanji’s English department following Zaion Lanza in March 2023. This is also the latest blow to the agency’s English-speaking VTuber lineup following the graduations of Pomu Rainpuff, Nina Kosaka, and Mysta Rias; with Kyo Kaneko also graduating this February 17.

Source: Official X (Twitter)

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