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Nijisanji's Pomu Rainpuff Stuns Fans With Graduation News

Pomu Rainpuff, one of the earliest VTuber talents of the English unit of Nijisanji, has stunned fans as she announced that her graduation from VTubing activities is set to happen on January 20. The announcement was made via the agency’s official X (Twitter) account.

In a statement from the agency, they recognized Pomu’s legacy in Nijisanji as she always took the lead and pushed the NIJISANJI EN brand forward. Moreover, the agency noted that LazuLight, the unit Pomu is part of, will continue moving forward with its activities alongside the remaining members Elira Pendora and Finana Ryugu.

For over two years, her cuteness and passion for otaku contents attracted and “pomuficated” fans from all over the world. We wish her the best on her next journey, and we cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and achievements as a NIJISANJI EN Liver.

Statement from Nijisanji

As of this writing, Pomu Rainpuff is currently hosting a livestream, explaining her graduation. In it, she stated that while she doesn’t regret joining Nijisanji, she wants to pursue more creative avenues outside of the agency. Moreover, she has also promised to fans several projects to be left with fans, including a final song cover which will be released tomorrow.

Livestream of Nijisanji’s Pomu Rainpuff, explaining her graduation from VTubing activities on January 20

Following her graduation on January 20, her YouTube channel, as well as her other social media accounts will be made private, and the sale of merchandise and voice contents will be stopped gradually. In addition, they will be accepting fan letters for her until February 20.

Pomu debuted as the LazuLight alongside Elira and Finana on May 16, 2021; making them the first VTuber wave of Nijisanji English. The unit has been known for their original songs “Diamond City Lights” and “Light Me Up.” They also sang their own version of the Nijisanji first anniversary song “Virtual to Live,” which featured a music video of LazuLight’s acrylic stand being sent to the edge of the space.

Her graduation follows a slew of graduations on the Nijisanji English side, most notably with Nina Kosaka and Mysta Rias. Zaion Lanza was terminated over multiple offenses. Meanwhile, the agency’s former Indonesian unit also dealt with graduations with Xia Ekavira, Mika Melatika, Riksa Dhirendra, ZEA Cornelia, Taka Radjiman, Siska Leontyne, Amicia Michella, Azura Cecillia, Nara Haramaung, Reza Avanluna and Hyona Eliatora all have graduated from VTubing activities. Moreover, popular Japanese talent Mirei Gundo graduated in June this year after she was suspended over a supposed offensive tweet to baseball fans.

Source: Official X (Twitter)

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