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Nijisanji Announces Graduation of Xia Ekavira, Mika Melatika, and Riksa Dhirendra

Japanese VTuber agency Nijisanji has announced the graduation of three of its talents, namely Xia Ekavira, Mika Melatika, and Riksa Dhirendra. According to the agency’s official X (formerly Twitter), the graduation dates for the talents will be on November 27, December 28, and January 11, respectively.

In a separate announcement, Mika Melatika noted that she hopes to do many more things alongside her fans in the days leading up to her graduation, adding that she is grateful to have been part of the agency for over two years.

“It’s been a life-changing time. In these past 2+ years, I got to meet so many amazing individuals and incredible creators. Being a part of this community and the “Melaticults” and “Pakuchampers” has been a dream come true. For all of the above, I am beyond grateful. The past few years have been an unforgettable experience and I have no one else to thank but.. YOU! All the laughs we shared, the smiles, the tears…you all made my days so much brighter! It felt like a really fun party that would last forever and I really wish it did…”

Excerpt from Mika Melatika’s statement (via X (formerly Twitter))

Following the graduation of the aforementioned talents, all of their social media pages will be set to private, and sales of related merchandise and voice packs be halted. Fans will be able to send fan letters addressed to these talents a month after their graduation before they get closed off completely.

The talents, who were previously part of Nijisanji’s Indonesia branch, are part of a growing list of former Nijisanji Indonesia talents graduating from the agency. Past graduations include ZEA Cornelia, Taka Radjiman, Siska Leontyne, Amicia Michella, Azura Cecillia, Nara Haramaung, Reza Avanluna and Hyona Eliatora. All of these graduations have happened following the merge of the agency’s Indonesian and Korean branches to the main Japanese branch.

Outside of the Indonesian circle, Nijisanji English has also dealt with graduations, most notably with Nina Kosaka and Mysta Rias, while Zaion Lanza was terminated over multiple offenses. Meanwhile, popular Japanese talent Mirei Gundo graduated in June this year after she was suspended over a supposed offensive tweet to baseball fans.

Source: Official X (formerly Twitter)

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