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Suzume Production Team, Alice in Borderland Writer Launch Matrix-Inspired Manga: Red Pill Blue Gazer

The Japanese production team STORY Inc. (Suzume, Weathering With You, upcoming Fureru film) has released the company’s first vertical-scrolling manga, Red Pill Blue Gazer. They will be working with the publisher CLLENN to release the manga digitally. Alice in Borderland‘s Yoshiki Watabe will write the story and ASH Inc. is providing the illustrations. Red Pill Blue Gazer was launched exclusively on Piccoma on December 30, 2023, with 20 chapters as of January 2, 2024. The story is described:

The mysterious red pill “RED PILL”. Those who take it can “take over” a person just by “making eye contact”. It works not just on the person themselves, but on their photos and videos too. The one who obtained the strange pill is Lala Hoshiniwa, a bottom-class girl who spends her days delivering for Aber Foods and working side gigs.
She realizes she has nothing she wants to be, and finds herself disappointed. So, instead of taking over someone, she chooses to use RED PILL to “expose the misdeeds of the privileged class and drag them down”. Under the name Blue Gazer, Lala steadily gains unshakable support on social media, but…?
A bottom-class girl exposes, reveals, and judges the darkness of modern society! A SF suspense story of shifting, taking over, and betrayal!

Red Pill Blue Gazer — Cover

Animation Business Journal noted STORY Inc.’s tendency to produce films, and that South Korean webtoons are typically planned out for live-action TV and movie development, suggesting that Red Pill Blue Gazer may receive a live-action adaptation at some point. Given STORY Inc.’s works, it may be adapted through anime form instead.

STORY Inc. joins the rising trend of production companies riding the vertical-scrolling manga wave which was popularized in South Korea. Bandai Namco’s Bandana Comics was launched last year, promising to leverage the “know-how gained from anime production, to create mega-hits like battle action and adventure epics never seen before that capture worldwide appeal, making readers unable to stop their fingers from scrolling down, produced together with unique creators through mutual refinement.Bandana Comics’ first lineup of vertical manga begins in April 2024. They will also be releasing the manga adaptation of the Code Geass: Lost Stories game – part of the franchise’s revival projects, seen again through the Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture trailer.

Source: Animation Business Journal
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