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Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Episode 11 - A Touching Finale

Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc released episode 11 last Sunday, and we saw the aftermath of the fight between the demon slayers against Gyutaro and Daki in the season’s finale. The episode continued after last week’s cliff hanger, where we saw Tengen yelling that the fight wasn’t over and Gyutaro’s body emitting its last ditch effort to take his opponents down. Tanjiro wakes up in Nezuko’s arms, confused as to why he’s completely fine after all the damage he’d taken. With no time to think about, he decides to look for the others, using Nezuko as his ride.

He finds Zenitsu, who finally woke up and realized that his body was severely injured too. Still, he says Inosuke is in even worse shape, mentioning that he can hear that his heartbeat is growing weaker. Tanjiro and Nezuko rush there, confirming that he’s in terrible shape and about to die. As Tanjiro wonders why his own life was spared, Nezuko uses her Blood Demon Art to remove the posion from Inosuke’s body and saves him. We already saw that her flames aren’t harmful to humans, and she continues to do the same for Tengen.

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Gyutaro and Tengen Backstory

A large part of Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc episode 11 was the flashback backstory of Gyutaro and Tengen. The siblings were arguing after their loss, with harsh words coming from both of them. Just as Gyutaro was about to tell Daki she shouldn’t have been born, Tanjiro stops him and tells them they shouldn’t be arguing. This triggers Daki, and she cryingly asks her brother to fix this somehow and that she doesn’t want to die. As she disappears, Gyutaro yells her human name ‘Ume’ and thinks back to their childhood.

Born in the lowest class area of the Entertainment District, Gyutaro lived a harsh life, being abused and mistreated due to his ugly voice and appearance. His only toy was a scythe, and he hunted anything he could to survive. However, things changed when his beautiful sister was born. People appreciated her since a very young age, while Gyutaro discovered he was good at fighting and became a debt collector. It was heartbreaking to see what led Gyutaro into becoming the kind of person he did, and it all culminated when Ume was burned alive due to blinding a customer samurai. He yelled at the heavens not to collect from him after not giving him anything, but his misfortune didn’t end there. The blinded samurai came back and slashed him from behind, guided by a woman who thought he was a bother. Surprising the two, Gyutaro kills them both, and leaves with Ume.

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After witnessing the two disappear, Tanjiro wonders whether they made up, to which Nezuko confidently nods. We then see the Serpent Hashira Obanai appear, mocking Tengen for the injuries he suffered and claiming Upper Moon 6 is the lowest of the Upper Moons. The two share a few snarky remarks, and Tengen mentions Tanjiro as someone who will fulfill his potential, which surprises Obanai.

Another sign that things are getting serious was the scene with Kagaya Ubuyashiki. he claims things are about to change as no Upper Moon had been slain for a hundred years. He claims that their generation will be the one to end Muzan, and calls him the only blemish on his family. On the other side, we see Akaza appear in the Infinity Castle. Muzan is definitely outraged, and we’ll be seeing how he manifests that anger to the strongest demons that exist.

You can watch Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc episode 11 on both Funimation & Crunchyroll., and also vote for it as the best of week 6 on our weekly poll.

Up next is the Swordsmith Village Arc, which will be the 3rd TV anime season of Demon Slayer.

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