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Attack on Titan Episode 85 - Battle at the Paradis Port

Attack on Titan episode 85 brought us more action, but also more emotionally difficult plot points. We finally got to see Female Titan back in action and Kiyomi Azumabito had her moment in the spotlight as well. Meanwhile, former Scouts had to make some difficult choices while fighting for their cause.

As former 104th Training Corps cadets prepare to attack the Paradis port and Jeagerists, Hange and Magath inspect the surroundings. The Rumbling is well underway, and the titans have started to cross the sea. Magath has a come to the light moment, in which he asks Armin, Mikasa, Jean, and Connie to look the other way as he and his army slaughter the Jeagerists. However, it is Armin who admits that they can’t sit idly and watch everything unfold. It is not until later that he feels the weight of these words.

Meanwhile, Floch is holding the Hizuru representative hostage. The main figure among them is, of course, Kiyomi Azumabito. The woman whose greed led her to Paradis doesn’t show signs of giving up. She manages to attack Floch, which helps Mikasa save her.

Down at the port, Connie and Armin reunite with Samuel and Daz. We last properly saw them in the first season during the Trost battle. However, this time they are on opposing sides since the two joined Jeagerists. After a struggle in which Armin gets shot, Connie kills them both, leaving Armin to ponder a memory of Bertholdt’s words. He is once again able to understand Bertholdt’s actions and what led him to that final day in Shingashina.

Once again Attack on Titan makes full circle towards Maco’s final words. Most of these things could be solved with words and understanding, but there are very few people willing to do that around. Betrayal is the only certain thing in this new world Eren has created. Will he be able to fulfill his goal and reach the freedom he truly seeks even if it costs him his friends?

One thing that stood out in this episode to me was Hiro Shimono’s voice acting. Connie was always more of comic relief, and most of Shimono’s roles are in the same vein. However, in those final moments, you can truly hear the pain and suffering Connie’s been enduring all these years.

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