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Attack on Titan Hints on Entering a New Phase

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On December 28, 2020, the fourth and ‘final’ season of the anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) aired its 4th episode. The fans were excited, especially the manga readers because they knew that Eren would be making an appearance on the episode. The non-manga readers were also excited since he’d showed his face at the ending of Episode 3. However, there are so many speculations on why Eren is in that state, what is he doing there? Together with that, there are so many happenings in the episode that captivated the viewers. It seems that something is going to take place. It looks like Attack on Titan is entering a New Phase. These scenes seem to prove it:

Eren asks Falco to deliver letters for his family

Image of Falco holding Eren’s letter

After the ending Scene of “Attack on Titan: The final Season”, many assumed that Eren is the long-haired man who called Falco. He is sitting on a bench and had his left leg cut. In episode 4, Eren asks Falco to do him a favor of delivering his letters to the mail office. He told Falco that the letter is for his family. From this scene, you’ll notice that it is a bit strange because we all know that Eren’s family is dead. He is not also acquainted on his grandparents in Liberio. Where could it be addressed to? We can say that it is for his Survey Corpse family. But we can also say that it is for Zeke, since Eren is aware that he is his half-brother. Does this scene means the anime is entering a new phase?  Either way, this mystery can only be solved in the future episodes.

The Arrival and Announcement of Willy Tybur

Image of Willy Tybur taking the spotlight on the VIP party

The Tybur Family was first introduced in the episode 2 of “Attack on Titan: The Final Season”.  During the meeting of the Warrior Unit, Zeke told his allies that Willy Tybur himself will go to Liberio on the day off the festival. He also said that many VIPs around the world are invited. He states that Willy will announce that Marley will take Paradis Island in 1 year and control the founding titan. In episode 4, after the opening song, the next scene is the arrival of Willy Tybur and his family. Willy talks to General Maggath (Commander of the Warrior Unit). They talk about the Marleyan hero named Helos during the great titan war 100 years ago. Willy told Maggath that they need another Helos on time like this. Maggath also revealed that the one who controls Marley from the shadows is the Tybur family.

With the plan to conquer the Paradis Island, Reiner discussed the Intel he had in Paradis Island to the Higher Officials of Marley. After that, Willy attends a party in Marley where all the guests are VIPs from different places in the world. There he announced that on the next day, there will be a festival in Liberio. He said that during the festival, he will make an announcement through a theatre production. What announcement could it be? Is it going to lead a new phase in the anime? All we can do is to wait for the next episode.

Falco’s Determination and Confession

Image of Falco, Udon, and Zofia celebrating when Falco outrun Gabi on a race

Since the episode 1 of “Attack on Titan: The final Season”, it has been emphasized that Gabi is the strongest among the 4 warrior candidates. She managed to save hundreds of Eldian soldiers in the battlefield. She is also confident that she will be the one to inherit the Armored Titan. However, Falco, on the other side wants to protect Gabi from the curse of Ymir (fate where you can only live for 13 more years after you inherit the power of 1 of the 9 titans). In this episode, Falco defeated Gabi in a race for the first time. He’s not yet giving up his dream to protect Gabi and inherit the power of the Armored Titan. Gabi was pissed when Falco defeated her. She asked Falco why he wants to be the Armored Titan. Falco ends up confessing his feelings by saying he is doing it for her. However, it didn’t reach through Gabi and Falco ends up running away and immediately goes to Eren.

Knowing what happened on episode 3, it seems that Eren’s words of encouragement were what gave Falco the determination and confidence to surpass Gabi. Just what is Eren thinking? Is the ranking of Gabi and Falco will be switched with Eren’s help? Is this a hint that the anime is entering a new phase? We can find the answer on future episodes.

Eren holding Baseball ball

Image of Eren holding a Baseball ball

In this episode, there is a scene where Eren has a baseball glove and ball beside him.  He said that it’s from his family. We are all aware that Falco is doing Eren a favor of delivering his letters for his family to the mail office. We can say that the ball and the gloves is a reply from the one he’s sending letters, but why would someone give it to him. Who might be it? Is it connected to Zeke? It’s not impossible since the skill of Zeke when he fights as a beast titan is pitching. In “Attack in Titan: Season 3 part 2 episode 17, he is shouts “Game over” after throwing crushed boulders at the battle of wall Maria.

In “Attack on Titan: The Final Season” He also threw something at the middle-east fleet before winning the war. Is it possible that Zeke is the one who gave Eren the glove and the ball? Are they communicating to each other privately? If so, it really means that Attack on Titan is entering a new and interesting phase.

A VIP saved Udon in the party at Marley

Image of the Woman walking out of the crowd after saving Udon

In the Party at Marley where VIPs are invited, the Warrior Candidates serve as waiters and waitress. The VIPs disgusts them because they knew that those staffs are Eldians. Meanwhile, Udon was walking with a wine in his hand. He accidentally spilled the wine on the Kimono of a VIP woman. To Udon’s shock, the woman didn’t blame him on what happened, instead she save his life by announcing to the public that she accidentally spilled wine on her Kimono.  Udon asked the woman why she save him. The woman knew that he was an eldian. She told him who knows what his punishment can be if the public where to know that he is the one who spilled on her clothes. After that, Gabi and Falco approached Udon. Gabi was shocked when she stared at the woman, telling Udon and Falco that she is from Hizuru.

What could it mean? Why a woman from the land named Hizuru chose to save Udon’s life? Is there a connection between her and the Eldians? Does she know something about Eren and his plans? Why would Hizuru be emphasized? And does the symbol on the back of the woman have a meaning? Could a VIP saving an Eldian’s life also mean that Attack on Titan is entering a new Phase?

Reiner and Eren’s Reunion

Image of Reiner meeting Eren

After the VIP party, there’s a festival that will be held in Liberio. On the night of it, Willy Tybur will perform a Theatre production. The Warrior candidates were very happy about the festival. They ate so much food using Reiner’s wallet. Gabi was stuffed with food but she is very happy. Gabi told Reiner that recently, there are so many good happenings, she thinks that it is a sign of change on their life. Reiner agreed with her. When the night comes, Falco asked Reiner if he can come with him. Zeke encourages Reiner to come with Falco. They went to a basement room and there, he saw a long-haired man sitting on a chair. Reiner was shocked because he knew who it was. Eren greeted Reiner like nothing happened.  The reunion of the two is sure to be hyped by fans. It is sure now that Attack on Titan is entering a new phase with this scene. What will happen on the next episode? The only thing we can do is to wait for its release.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) is a manga series by Hajime Isayama. The upcoming 32nd volume will be the last one. Its anime adaptation aired last April 7, 2013. Not only that, but it is one of the most influential anime in the world and its final season is one of the most awaited anime this year, resulting in the crash of Crunchyroll and Funimation on the day of its release. Episode 5 will be titled ‘Declaration of War’ and premieres on January 11 in Japan after a 1-week holiday break.

What are your thoughts and opinion on Attack on Titan: The Final Season? You can leave a comment or opinion below.

Screenshots taken from Crunchyroll.

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