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Attack on Titan The Final Season Wins Anime of the Season for Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 anime season is behind us, and the show taking the title of anime of the season for our fans is “Attack on Titan The Final Season”. This season had A LOT of really good shows. Attack on Titan managed to rank first most of the weeks, taking 10.74% of the total score in the AotS ranking. The score is based on its performance throughout the season, as well as the votes it got in the final “Anime of the Season” poll for the last week. Again, this is the season that had many great shows, and AoT managed to rank first 8 weeks!

You can view the full results here, while the top 10 graphic is below:

Top 10 Anime of the Season Winter 2021 – Attack on Titan The Final Season #1

MAPPA took over this season, and the hype carried over week by week with the show trending online after each episode premiered. The story went to explain the Marley side, and Eren’s way of moving forward was surprising for the watchers. Nonetheless, most enjoyed it and it took the story to what’s probably the most action-packed part. We haven’t seen Levi after the explosion, and Eren is ready to take on Reiner again after that last cliffhanger. Can imagine everyone is already excited for the part 2 which was confirmed for Winter 2022! Meanwhile, the Spring Anime poll is now open, and you can already vote for the shows that came out

The full synopsis of “Attack on Titan” goes:

Over a century ago, mankind was devoured by giant beings of unknown intelligence and origin known as Titans. Creatures that eat humans alive indiscriminately and for no apparent reason. The remaining population has managed to survive the last hundred years only by building a multi-walled city capable of keeping the Titans at bay, training military recruits to patrol the perimeter and gather intelligence about their mysterious foe. Eren and Mikasa have lived a relatively peaceful life behind the city’s walls. But when a massive Titan appears, smashing the outer barrier and unleashing a wave of terror, their lives are brutally changed forever…

You can also read more Attack on Titan stories here! Let’s look forward to Winter 2022 as we enjoy the shows in the meanwhile.

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