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B-PROJECT Passion*Love Call Episode 2 Preview Introduces New Group: Ultras

B-Project has revealed their preview images for episode 2 of their anime’s third season B-Project Passion*Love Call. The second episode is titled “POSE A PROBLEM” and will introduce two new characters, Eisuke Kurata and Bunta Kashiwagi. Eisuke and Bunta are part of a two-member unit called Ultras, famous YourTubers (the anime’s version of YouTube).

B-PROJECT Passion*Love Call – Episode 2 Preview Image Featuring Ultras

The cast for Ultra’s two members are as follows:

  • Eisuke Kuruta is voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka (Denki Kaminari from My Hero Academia)
  • Bunta Kashiwagi is voiced by Kento Itou (Doppo Kannozaka from Hypnosis Mic)

In addition to working with B-Project, Tsubasa will also be working with famous YourTubers, Ultras, as their A&R. While the boys of B-Project are worried for Tsubasa, Tsubasa has to handle all the work herself and worries about the boys in B-Project. Soon, cracks start to appear between the boys of B-Project and Ultras. What will happen to Tsubasa and B-Project with Ultras coming into the picture?

Episode two, “POSE A PROBLEM,” will air on October 9. B-Project Passion*Love Call is streaming in Crunchyroll with English subtitles. Below are more preview images of the episode:

Matsumi Takeda is directing the third season of B-Project alongside Asahi Production (Hellsing Ultimate) is producing the animation. The original illustrations are done by Utako Yukihara while the character designs are done by Tomoko Iwasa. MAGES. (Steins Gate) and Kira Konaka is producing the season’s music and series composition.

B-Project is a cross-media 2D idol project developed by MAGES. They announced the project in August 2015 before releasing its first production and song, “Eternal Paradise,” in September 2015. At the beginning of the project, they focused on three groups, Kitakore, THIRVE, and MooNs, before adding the new group, KiLLER KiNG, in December 2015. Since then, the project has grown and has released several music CDs, manga and stage play adaptations, and an anime series.

Source: Official Website

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