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Battle in 5 Seconds Season Finale Gives Hope For Possible Season 2

The season one finale for Battle in 5 Seconds aired on Monday leaving a ton of cliffhangers. So many questions arise after watching the final scene of the latest episode. And, actually, it did a phenomenal job of leaving the viewers wanting to see more. Before we get into this season one finale, if you have caught up with the series, make sure to vote for it in our Anime of the Season poll here.

But if you have yet to watch the latest episode, I recommend avoiding the rest of this article as it does contain spoilers.

Let’s get into it.

Omoto Could Shine in Season 2

During the handful of recent episodes leading to the finale, fans know all about the green and red teams at this point. But one remains a mystery still and that’s the blue team, especially their leader — Omoto.

The blue team is notorious for avoiding conflict and being neutral in everything. But now it’s revealed what Omoto truly intends to do and it is something no other person in the game ever thought of  — targeting Mion. Not only is he a force to be reckoned with, but he could possibly be the anti-hero the game needs to truly free everyone.

There’s not much we know about Omoto. But one thing is for sure and that is he has his sights set on Mion and Mion only.

Another question remains about Omoto  — what is his ability? Is it actually the same as Mion’s arm cannon or could it possibly be similar to Akira’s? And how does he plan to go after Mion? We’ll need a season two to answer these.

Omoto, Battle in 5 Seconds

Akira Finally Has Personal Development

Early on in the season, fans got a pretty good grasp of the obvious when it came to Akira and his type of character. He ends up being the intelligent main character who uses others to get his way. And, throughout most of this season, that’s exactly who he is. However, Akira had an exceptional turnaround in the season finale and it was a breath of fresh air to see.

With Yuri’s back up against the ropes in her fight with Oogami, Akira intervenes and becomes the hero we all wanted to see him be. It shows that he is finally starting to care about other people other than himself — his first big step in character development. 

Another interesting step is that it looks like Akira and Yuri’s relationship is growing as well. While Akira may still seem oblivious to how Yuri feels, it looks like, slowly but surely, he’s coming around to Yuri as a person and not as some character in a game he can just use for his advantage.

Yuri and Akira, Battle in 5 Seconds

Interesting Ending

At the end of the season one finale, we see characters such as Akira, Yuri, and Shin back in the same society they were taken away from in the first episode. However, green stripes on their wrist still remain. Akira acknowledges that the game is still going and that all seems straightforward.

Now comes the questions.

How did they all get back there and when? How come some of them went back to society while others looked like they were still in the forest where the third round of the game took place? Then there was a crime scene where Rin was walking away from. Is she now just someone with the murderous intent because of this game?

Also, who was the new character shown at the very end? Is he a new possible player that Mion recruited? Is he another assistant for Mion? Or is he actually Mion’s boss?

There are still many cliffhangers from the season finale. And while a lot of people may dislike that, it was a perfect series to have this many cliffhangers. It had its moments where dropping the series was a possibility. However, the Battle in 5 Seconds season one finale pulled me in. I’m fully invested in finding out the answers to these questions. Now I’m ready for a season two announcement whenever that may come (hopefully soon).

Yuri, Battle in 5 Seconds

Farewell For Now

So what did you guys think of the Battle in 5 Seconds season one finale? Is this a series you can see yourself continuing if season two is announced? If you haven’t read the manga, what are your thoughts on all the cliffhangers this episode left? Do you have any theories?

Let me know in the comments!

And again, make sure to vote for Battle in 5 Seconds in our Anime of the Season poll here. If you thought Yuri and Akira deserve the best girl and best boy awards make sure to vote for them as well!

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