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Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 7: The Yuri vs. Ringo Feud Heats Up

Episode 7 of Battle in 5 Seconds aired on Monday leaving us with a giant cluster of confusion, excitement, and a new internal rivalry. The good, bad, and ugly were extremely apparent in this episode more than any other beforehand. In the midst of fighting CGI ghouls and ending the latest round on one of the most anti-climactic scenes of the entire series so far, it actually ended up leading to something more interesting for the next round of fighting.

However, one minor part grabbed everyone’s attention the most — an internal rivalry. While Akira’s mind is focused on Kuro, and vice versa, Yuri and Ringo are focused on who Akira will choose to fight by his side.

Yuri vs Ringo Feud Begins

Ringo (left), Yuri (right), Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 7

As we’ve learned over the course of the season, Yuri has become partial to Akira and any action he decides to take. But Ringo’s infatuation with Akira has caused a stir within the green camp. We’ve learned about all three at this point and nothing new has really come up yet other than the fact Ringo admired Akira in their “past lives”.

While in the green team camp, Ringo anxiously admits to Akira that she knows what his ability is. And while Akira reacts quickly, almost to the point of threatening Ringo, she reiterates that she’s there to help him and the green team. But it seems as though Yuri is having her doubts about Ringo.

Later in the episode, an interesting scene took place at the red team’s camp where they mentioned their “spy” within the green camp. However, Ringo seems to be too obvious to be the spy. Remember, Akira and Yuri were recruited by the green team while Ringo was unfortunately taken in by the red team. But in episode 6, Akira and Yuri manage to save Ringo from an attacking ghoul and bring her onto the green team’s side.

In round two, Ringo withdrew from the match but never once told the other team her ability. So Yuri is completely in the dark about what’s going on and she’s growing frustrated. But it seems that Akira trusts Yuri more than he does Ringo.

Or is he just going to use both? We’ll have to wait and see. But who’s the “spy” in the green team camp? Do you think it’s Ringo or do you think it’s the new girl Hareka that Shin saved from another red team member? Let me know in the comments.

Yuri, Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 7

Next Round Could Become The Most Brutal

The terms of the next round came about spontaneously and it was a huge drawback from the flow of the episode. Luckily, the terms seem to be interesting enough to create even more dangerous scenarios.

Teams will have to hunt each other’s designated “king”. For every opposing member that is hunted, the other team gets a point. The catch is that Mion plans to make the “king” the weakest of each team. In order to win, you have to connect your team’s interface with the other team’s “king.”

Some of the rules still need further explaining, which we’ll probably get next episode. But in the previews, it seems like the blue team and the green team might possibly form an alliance. However, the red team introduced a handful of new, sinister characters (we already know Rin).

Tachibana, Rindou, Rin, Kamui, Renka (from left to right), Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 7

Next Week

Episode 8 will air Monday, August 30, on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia. If you thought episode 7 of Battle in 5 Seconds was great, make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll! Battle in 5 Seconds was able to crack the top-3 last week. Can we possibly get it to number one?!

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