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Battle in 5 Seconds Episode 9: Rin Shows Us Why She's A Savage

Episode 9 of Battle in 5 Seconds aired on Monday and the battle between the red team and green team is already shaping up to be the bloodiest one yet. And with multiple people currently down and out for the count, the latest episode also included espionage and back-door deals between members of both squads.

One character that stood out in particular was Rin Kashii.

Rin Is Akira Taken To The Extreme

In episode 9, Yuri begins to piece together that Akira is just using her for his benefit. While it does stump him and leaves him remorseful, it’s short-lived. On the other hand, we have Rin — who threatened to take out her own teammates back in round two. And, yet again, we see that same level of savagery in this new quest.

We already know that Rin is on the red team while Akira is part of the green team. However, the two of them make a deal during the match. The terms of the deal were as follows:

– Rin must eliminate one of the red team’s generals
– Green team will attest to Mion that Rin was a spy for the Green Team

So what does this mean? In short, it proves that Rin doesn’t care about a single person in this entire series and it ensures Rin’s survival no matter what team wins. She’s basically Akira, only with no remorse and higher intent to kill.

Rin Make’s Light Of Akira’s Deal Quickly

The target for Rin ends up being Renka, a character introduced back in episode 7 who is one of the red team’s generals. Rin actually has trouble with Renka at first. But, as expected, Rin figures out Renka’s weakness — she’s a puppet. Once she establishes who’s pulling Renka’s strings, she snuffs out the guy behind the scenes.

And well, Rin makes quirk work of him. Not only that, Rin decides to eliminate the unfortunate soul that was forced to help the man who was handling Renka. Remember, the red team took in weaker contestants against their will and forced them to carry out acts that were practically a death sentence.

Well, Rin decided to tie up loose ends and didn’t care if they lived or not. She needed to make sure that nobody knew she was a traitor for the red team. So she took out all three in a matter of moments. Now, she waits on the sidelines to see whether the red or green team wins the fight. The animation wasn’t the greatest, but it still got the point across — Rin will do whatever it takes to win.

Next Week

Episode 10 will air Monday, September 13, on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia. If you thought episode 9 of Battle in 5 Seconds was great, make sure to vote for it in our weekly poll!

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