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One Piece Episode 1000 to Release in November

The One Piece anime is getting closer to a huge milestone, the release of episode 1000. It is now only 10 episodes away, and so we can already tell when the episode should arrive. If everything were to go as expected, the date would be November 21. However, because the Tokyo Marathon was cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, it might actually come on November 14. This is because the marathon was supposed to take place on Sunday, October 17, which would have delayed an episode of One Piece that week.

Where is the One Piece anime right now

The raid on Onigashima is now fully underway, with Orochi learning of the Akazaya Nine survival, as well as the members of the Worst Generation arriving. Luffy just faced Ulti and Page One, while Law and Zoro are also wreaking havoc inside. However, the most important event was Yamato’s introduction in episode 990! We finally got to see Yamato in the anime, and Hayami Saori’s voice fits the character perfectly. After one-shotting Ulti and helping Luffy, they are now both on the run, and the story will continue next Sunday.

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So When will One Piece Episode 1000 Release

With 10 weeks left, things could change for a number of reasons. However, with the current situation, it’s most likely to release on November 14, unless there is some special reason to keep the November 21 date. Either way, we will be able to watch it on Funimation or Crunchyroll on one of those Sundays, and 1 week won’t matter as much for such a special episode. We will have more of an idea when they announce if there will be an episode on October 17 (the day of the Tokyo Marathon which is now cancelled).

What’s sure is that episode 991 will release this Sunday, so let’s look forward to seeing more Yamato! You can also catch up to the One Piece manga for free on either VIZ website or MANGA Plus

Celebration of One Piece

One Piece is commemorating the 100th volume which released on September 3rd and the upcoming anime episode 1000 with several projects. The recent “WE ARE ONE” video collection was one. It featured 5 episodes of mixed live-action and with some older anime scenes re-animated into modern animation. You can check them all out (titled by the animated parts):

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Another project was a voiced manga of Oda’s older one-shot Monsters. It features Ryuma, the legendary swordsman from Wano in his young days, and it has an awesome cast!

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