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My Hero Academia Episode 110: Twice's Backstory Explained

Episode 110 of My Hero Academia continued the trend of giving us backstories on the League of Villians’ members this past Saturday. The previous episode explained Toga’s backstory while the episode before that explained Tomura’s backstory. Well, this week, it was time to shed light on Twice’s backstory a little more.

Twice’s Backstory

The one constant among the League of Villians’ backstories is that they all endured something brutal in some capacity. That trauma in turn made them who they are now. The ‘My Villain Academia’ arc doesn’t shy away from the fact it is starting to make fans sympathize with villains from past seasons that we couldn’t stand at the time. Episode 110 focuses on the League of Villains’ progress fighting the Liberation Army in a similar fashion to episode 109. But the highlight was Twice and his backstory.

While it’s not right to say Twice, aka Jin Bubaigawara, had an easy upbringing, one could say it was a little easier than Toga and Homura’s at the start. That was until that day happened.

“But depending on how you stumble, some people just keep falling.” – Jin Bubaigawara, My Hero Academia Episode 110.

Jin’s parents passed away when he was in middle school. But he managed to find a regular job as he grew older. Unfortunately, he got in a motorcycle accident that injured an executive for one of his jobs’ clients. Once his boss found out, he was fired on the spot—which kickstarted his life into becoming who he is now.

A major theme that seems to be a factor in these villains becoming villains is loneliness. And it’s safe to say loneliness is the center of Jin snapping. With no relatives, parents, friends, or work colleagues, Jin began to make friends with his own clones. And the number just grew and grew as time passed. This eventually lead to what we know now as the day everything changed.

After committing crimes with his clones left and right, one day, Jin had each of his clones kill themselves in front of him which made him turn insane. I mean, wouldn’t that anyone? This ended up having Giran sniff out Jin and introducing him to the league of villains.

Twice’s Quirk Gets a Level-Up

The episode starts off with Toga facing a dire situation and he’s the only one with the opportunity to save her. Well, our boy comes in clutch and surpasses his limits by overcoming his own psychological drama. Much like Toga in the previous episode, Twice goes and beyond with his quirk and starts replicating a countless amount of clones to help take on the Liberation Army. Re-Destro is so fascinated with his quirk that even he admits Twice alone could take over an entire country if he really tried.

Saving Toga was definitely the highlight of the episode for me. It became a huge stepping stone for not only Twice, but his revelation that even villains can have friends and be forced to save them when the time comes.

Next Week

Episode 110 of My Hero Academia, much like episode 109, received criticism over the lack of detail in comparison to the manga, especially during Tomura’s scene with Re-Destro at the end of the episode. However, the My Villain Academia arc has been living up to the hype and it will continue to do so in the next episode.

Episode 111 episode will air on Saturday, September 4, on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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