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Black Clover Episode 151 Amazes With Incredible Animation

Black Clover just blew my mind with that last episode! Although its story isn’t the focus or canon, there will be spoilers below, so don’t read it if you haven’t seen Black Clover episode 151 yet. But you can also watch it even if you aren’t following the anime! It’s just an enjoyable fight between 2 teams with insanely strong members.

So, after Julius had the great idea of having the Magic Knights Captains fight each other at the end of the last episode, that’s exactly what happened. We started off with the introductions of the teams. The first one were Yami, Jack, Nozel and Kaiser (the Purple Orcas captain, I had to look up his name). On the other side were William, Charlotte, Fuegoleon and Dorothy.

I was immediately hyped for what was coming, and the first moment I got REALLY excited was when Yami and Jack got to action.

Although those screencaps make it seem like they’re fighting each other, they’re not, and Charlotte also got a few nice moments. Her capturing Yami was sweet, but there was also an awesome looking fingersnap animation! Although images are nowhere near enough to showcase it enough, so I definitely recommend watching the episode instead.

The animator who did this specific cut also posted it on Twitter. It’s really amazing, and please support them there directly as well:


Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from knowledgeable in animation. This isn’t an objective review, but 100% subjective and I’m only talking about my personal take. [end of disclaimer] To get back to it, I enjoyed pretty much every moment of this episode. Especially when it felt like a large scale battle, which it should be considering they’re the Captains. Also, I really like Fuego, so appreciated his moments.

Nozel and the Purple Captain tried to contain him, but he was just too lit. Not to mention he had William and Charlotte on his side, so no wonder even Jack was exhausted. However, Yami took the spotlight as he pulled out his Dimension Slash Equinox again in another scene.

A part of his epicness was also uploaded on Twitter, and you can directly give your support at:

And one more:

The person they are thanking was the director Isuta Meister, and you can also support him directly on Twitter. Although the animation was super exciting, the story felt lighthearted since it was a battle among friends. That feeling was complete when Yami’s badassery ended the match by destroying both crystals and making it a draw. Before you go, here’s an image of every fan while watching the episode:

I definitely recommend watching Black Clover episode 151, and you can enjoy it even if you aren’t caught up to the story.

[Source: @reurangel_, @1234hahi, @MitchJGonzales, @Isuta_meister
All images via Crunchyroll]

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