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Brave Group Expands to Europe, Launches VTuber Agency Globie

Brave Group, a Japanese VTuber company, has announced its expansion into the European market with the launch of its new agency Globie. Based in London, Brave Group Europe’s mission is to bring both VTuber culture and Japanese sub-culture directly to Europe.

“Globie” by Brave Group Europe – Promotional Video

According to Brave Group, Globie aims to create a multilingual VTuber project. In addition to English-speaking VTubers, the agency is looking forward to recruiting Spanish, French, and German-speaking VTubers, with the intent to debut by the end of 2023. Auditions are currently open to all English speakers as well as those who speak languages broadly spoken across Europe. The first audition wave will end on June 26.

Brave Group has also announced the launch of FavieBox. FavieBox aims to also become a place where European fans can find out about the latest and the most interesting developments coming out of the Japanese sub-culture directly from the source. Fans can expect products from a wide variety of IP from the outset, and in the future FavieBox will serve as a hub for Brave group fans to support their favorite groups via official merch sales.

VTuber lineup under Brave Group’s multiple projects and agencies

All of Brave group’s ventures serve our ultimate purpose: “striking the hearts of 8 Billion people!”
Entering the European market comes with the potential to spread beyond Europe itself, making it an important project for Brave group as we proliferate further on the global school. As we make our way into Europe and beyond, we continue our challenge of changing the lives of 8 billion people worldwide every single day as a truly global company.

Statement from Brave Group President Keito Noguchi

The European expansion follows the company’s recent expansion to North America and the debut of its first English-speaking VTuber agency V4Mirai. Brave Group is known for its Japanese-based VTuber projects such as RIOT MUSIC, Vspo!, Mugen Live, and Palette Project.

Source: Press Release, Official Twitter

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