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Celestia: Chain of Fate Coming Soon to Steam and Nintendo Switch

Game publisher PQube announced that the otome visual novel, Celestia: Chain of Fate, is coming soon to Steam and the Nintendo Switch. The game was developed by Agate, an Indonesian-based game developer who is well-known for their Valthirian Arc franchise. 

Celestia: Chain of Fate was first released in 2021 on Androids and iPhones as a part of the Memories: My story, My choice mobile app. The exact release date for Steam and Nintendo Switch is yet to be announced.

Celestia: Chain of Fate Announcement Trailer

In this romantic visual novel, dive into a fantastical world where you enroll in the Academy of Celestia and explore the world of magic. Players must uncover the truth of their heritage and identity as a hybrid-descendent of the Angelus and Daemon while forging friendships and building affection of their love interests. The features of the Celestia: Chain of Fate game include:

  • Otome Visual Novel – With over 20+ hours long, dive into a romantic fantasy story about Angelus, Daemons, and half-bloods as you explore the Academy and the world of magic.
  • Romanceable Leads – There are three main love interests that you can romance: Val, a Daemon with a fiery passion, an Angelus with a gentle personality, Luke, and Ash, a human with a cold and reserve personality.
  • Choices and Scenarios – Choose your own story by choosing the option that you think is best! Be careful, though some of these choices might lead to bad outcomes.
  • Breath-taking illustrations – Full of exquisite hand-crafted illustrations with intricate details. Unlock beautiful special illustrations as you progress with the story.
  • Extra Stories! – Learn more about your favorite characters! Dig deeper into each of your favorite characters’ background and personalities through their very own side story.
  • Atmospheric Music – Enjoy the story with music that helps you delve deeper into the story that helps enhance your overall experience.

PQube describes the Celestia: Chain of Fate game as:

The perfect life you’ve known as a daughter of a Duke is about to change forever. With the revelation of your new hybrid identity, as a descendant of Angelus and Daemon, you must learn to live in a new world. 

Compelled to accept an invitation to the Academy of Celestia to explore the world of magic, you must set out on a fresh journey in a world filled with demons and angels. 

Uncover the secrets of your family history and learn to control the magical abilities you hold. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to develop relationships with one of three romanceable characters, each with their own unique traits and personalities.

It’s down to you to hold your friendships and advance your love interests while also prioritising your education. Remember not to neglect your studies as you’ll need to overcome a series of challenges to graduate!

Celestia: Chain of Fate Visual

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Memories — My Story, My Choices is an otome-styled game platform for interactive visual novels. Your choices will affect the storyline with various genres from romance to adventure! Meanwhile, PQube is a publisher based in the United Kingdom that focuses on localizing and publishing indie and Japanese titles. They have localized and published titles such as BustaFellowsKonosuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Love for These Clothes’ of Desire, Doki Doki Literature Club, and more. 

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