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Chainsaw Man Heads to Goddess of Victory: Nikke in New Collaboration

The Goddess of Victory: Nikke sci-fi RPG shooter game has announced a game collaboration with the Chainsaw Man series. The collaboration is coming through an event called “BULLET x CHAINSAW” which runs from February 15 to March 14.

Through collaboration, players can play as Denji, Power, Makima, Aki, and Himeno in the game. Game voice lines are available in both English and Japanese. The limited-time game collab’s design was made by Shift Up’s Kim Hyung Tae, illustrator and game designer of NIKKE and Stellar Blade.

NIKKE x Chainsaw Man – Promotional Trailer

In addition, it has been also announced that Goddess of Victory: Nikke is now available to play on PC. It was only previously available on Android and iOS. Goddess of Victory: Nikke was released globally in 2022. The game features an action-based battle system and is free to play, with a gacha system included through in-app purchases.

Chainsaw Man is a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The first part of the manga ran frpom March 2018 to December 2020 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The second part debuted in July 2022 in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ online magazine. An anime adaptation by studio MAPPA aired from October to December 2022.

Viz Media has licensed the manga in English, describing it as:
Denji’s a poor young man who’ll do anything for money, even hunting down devils with his pet devil Pochita. He’s a simple man with simple dreams, drowning under a mountain of debt. But his sad life gets turned upside down one day when he’s betrayed by someone he trusts. Now with the power of a devil inside him, Denji’s become a whole new man—Chainsaw Man!

Source: Press Release

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