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Cheat Pharmacist Episode 1: Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer

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Cheat Pharmacist episode 1 has just premiered as one of the more wholesome anime of Summer 2021. Shortened from Cheat Pharmacist’s Slow Life: Making a Drugstore in Another World for obvious reasons. However the title does this show justice perfectly describing what you can expect.

If you watch a lot of action based anime like me, this show is a pretty good change of pace. It’s just pure cute, wholesomeness for 20 minutes that can really help break up some of more intense shows. Add on some pretty decent comedy, and this show becomes an easy recommendation.

So Cheat Pharmacist episode 1 begins our introduction into this world. Reiji Kirio, our main character, is transported by some means into this alternate world after being a corporate slave for some time. From the looks of it he seems to have some knowledge of modern medicine and its properties. As such he turned the current subpar potions and medicine, and upgraded it with some modern flare.

For instance he creates a “Super Potion” (basically a 5-hour energy) and it becomes massive hit. From here its pretty straightforward as he gets enough money from this to open his own drugstore. He also seems really nice as he gives some of his products for a loss to a local store so he doesn’t go bankrupt.

Also an example is his staff, as he has a Little Werewolf girl, and a ghost helping him run the shop. The Werewolf helps him as he helped save her life and she has pledged her life top him. We haven’t really received an explanation for the ghost relation yet, but the dynamic seems smooth enough.

This is also apparent as he seems to make products on a whim to help others. Such as when he spontaneously makes a deodorant to help his werewolf, with her sensitive sense of smell. So with such easy going characters and plenty of cute moments this show is super easy to digest visually.

Cheat Pharmacist episode 1 also seems to be told in segmented mini stories, so there wont be a huge story to follow, at least not yet. So hopefully with plenty of information left to be explained, future episodes can give more background information. However for now, the show is absolutely as advertised. A slow placed story revolving around the daily life of a pharmacist.

If you are looking for something easy going for the Summer 2021 season, then I have no problem recommending this show to try out. Also be sure to check out a full catalog of early reviews for the Summer 2021 lineup here.

And if you enjoy it than be sure to let us know in the Summer 2021 weekly polls.

Images via the Cheat Pharmacist episode 1 stream on Crunchyroll
Official Website: cheat-kusushi.com

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