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Choujin X Manga from Tokyo Ghoul Creator Debuts Chapter 1

Just a few days ago, the creator of Tokyo Ghoul Ishida Sui teased an image from his new manga “Choujin X”, and now we already have its chapter 1 available! It follows Tokio Kurohara, in a world where people with supernatural powers are present. They are called Choujins, and each person with the power is named after theirs. For example “Bestial Choujin” or “Flexi Choujin”. You can read chapter 1 of Choujin X on MANGA Plus for free, and much like Tokyo Ghoul from the creator, it looks like there’ll be a lot of brutal violence and interesting powers.

Choujin X manga from the creator of Tokyo Ghoul Sui Ishida

What Choujin X is about

Some spoilers ahead! So we first saw the a little girl on an airplane. She was interacting with an old woman when a middle-aged man came up. He asked the old lady to move, to which she replied she would. However, her seatbelt was stuck and she delayed it. The man snapped immediately, and the little girl protected the old lady from getting hit. After she told the man that he’s not supposed to do that, he seemed to back off, saying it wasn’t beautiful and called his actions second-rate. Then he proceeded to use his flames to burn most of the people around, after which the plane crashed.

Then we jumped to the MC, Tokio, and we see that he is the quiet type with an outgoing friend, Higashi Azuma, who’s amazing in everything. It is kind of like Kaneki Ken in Tokyo Ghoul, and Choujin X might have some more similarities. Azuma is compared to a lion, while the MC is a vulture. The two seem to help around town a lot, though Azuma doesn’t hold back and breaks the arms of a random villain. The villain is later approached by a shady person and turned into a Choujin, and quickly goes after Azuma for revenge.

They of course start losing, and they get into a situation where they have to become Choujins themselves to fight back. Tokio doesn’t let Azuma do it by himself, and they seem to both have the resolve to do it. However, while we see that Tokio has become the Bestial Choujin, Azuma is passed out. It’s unclear if Tokio knocked him out or if the injection doesn’t work on everyone. Looking forward to Chapter 2!

What next for Choujin X and Tokyo Ghoul Creator Ishida Sui

I’m curious how there were 200 hundred survivors in the plane that crashed. Who the woman with the Choujin injections was, and also what happened to Azuma. The thing about Choujin X, unlike Tokyo Ghoul, is that it will have an irregular schedule. It will publish chapters whenever he has the time instead of weekly/monthly. Again, you can read it for free on MANGA Plus here!

Source: MANGA Plus
©Sui Ishida/SHUEISHA

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