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Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 6: Agent 6 and Snow Get Serious

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“Combatants Will Be Dispatched” episode 6 is finally out! The episode is highly anticipated by many fans because it follows the the battle against the demon lord’s army. What’s more, the title of the episode is the title of the anime itself!

To start off, Snow, Rose, and Grimm went to face off Heine of Flames and her golems. Of course, because of the happenings in episode 4, Heine was not as strong as she is. Furthermore, she fell on a trap lead by Agent 6 in the previous episode. Therefore, she was overwhelmed by the main trio. However, she receives help from a certain someone.

Grimm and Rose ready to fight to let Snow escape
Snow leaving Grimm and Rose to seek help

Because of the unexpected interruption, Rose and Grimm decided to fight the newcomer alone to let Snow go back to the castle and run together with Agent 6, Alice, and Princess Tillis. The next scene we have shows Agent 6, Alice, and Tillis on their way to escape the castle. However, they have been stumbled upon by Snow. There, she approached Agent 6 and did everything she can to convince him to save Grimm and Rose who don’t have any chance of winning against the intruder. Sadly, Agent 6 refused to help, and he revealed a certain secret. According to him, it’s one of the reasons for his decline on Snow’s request.

Snow hurting on the inside
Agent 6 finally agreed to help

Because of that, Snow couldn’t hold her feelings anymore and started crying. She showed her true feelings while crying, especially the suffering she felt when they suddenly encountered the new invader in the battle. Thus, Agent 6 can’t stand it anymore and agreed to help Snow. Tillis became happy but Alice felt disappointed.

Grimm, Rose, together with the knights looking happy
Agent 6 with Depressed Snow

When Agent 6 agreed to fight, Alice noticed that they are lacking evil points. Hence, Agent 6 needs to do something bad to accumulate some. He succeeded and earned enough evil points to get a weapon they need to defeat the demon lord’s army. As a result, Agent 6 succeeded in saving Rose, Grimm, and the knights. However, Snow seems to be in a depressed state while all of that is happening.

Arrival of the demon lord’s army in the castle
Agent 6 succeeded on defeating the demon lord’s army

After a while, the remaining forces of the demon lord’s army together with the 2 of their leaders flew inside the castle. Nevertheless, they didn’t know Agent 6’s full potential. Here, Agent 6 shows what he is really made off as a combatant of Kisaragi Corporation. He reveals his secret weapon that he was using every time he was killing someone, even though the risk of him using it is very high. As a conclusion, Agent 6 almost destroyed the whole room, and Heine was the only survivor from the demon lord’s army.

Alice as Agent 6’s partner
Agent 6 establishes his new team

Because of their victory, Tillis asked Agent 6 if he wants to be a knight again. However, he told her that he is done being together with the knights. Then, Snow also approached Agent 6 with the same intent as Tillis. Since she was the reason why Agent 6 and Alice left the knights, Snow told him that she doesn’t care who he really is anymore. She just wants Agent 6 to lead them. Thus, Agent 6 established his new team under a new name. Moreover, he finally told Alice that she is his partner.

It seems that Combatants Will Be Dispatched episode 6 hints at entering a new phase. Will the story become more serious from now on? Watching the series throughout to the end is the only key to know.

You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia. Also, if the episode really moved your heart you can vote for it in our weekly poll!

The Synopsis of the Story:

With world domination nearly in their grasp, the Supreme Leaders of the Kisaragi Corporation—an underground criminal group turned evil megacorp—have decided to try their hands at interstellar conquest. A quick dice roll nominates their chief operative, Combat Agent Six, to be the one to explore an alien planet…and the first thing he does when he gets there is change the sacred incantation for a holy ritual to the most embarrassing thing he can think of.

But evil deeds are business as usual for Kisaragi operatives, so if Six wants a promotion and a raise, he’ll have to work much harder than that! For starters, he’ll have to do something about the other group of villains on the planet, who are calling themselves the “Demon Lord’s Army” or whatever. After all, this world doesn’t need two evil organizations!

Screenshots via: Muse Asia
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