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Comic Frontier Virtual 2021 Happening on December 18-19

Comic Frontier, dubbed as Indonesia’s biggest creative exhibition, will hold its second online event this year. This time, the event will have its mini-metaverse by holding it on the Rabbit Sky platform. Aside from watching the live streams, visitors can interact virtually through the event’s virtual venue.

Around 400 creators will be placed in seven exhibition halls alongside the Main Stage which will host the event’s activities. The virtual venue will be accessible on PCs and smartphones.

Panel Discussions for Indonesia’s pop culture scene

Aside from the activities in the virtual space, Comifuro will host a series of talks throughout the weekend divided into two formats: Comifuro Radio and Panel Discussions.

On Comifuro Radio, Indonesian comics writer Tanfidz T. talks about the country’s comic industry during the pandemic on Day 1. Professional cosplayer Zhuge Kamiya shares his insights on the monetization potentials of the country’s cosplay activities on Day 2.

On the other hand, the panel discussions cater to the playful side of the audience. The panel of DekaBig, Dewon and haretalayla shares a parasocial relationship analysis about Virtual YouTubers on Day 1, while Rubio Gunawan talks about the rise of the Dungeons and Dragons board game and why it’s popular in the creative industry on Day 2.

Who’s performing at Comic Frontier Virtual 2?

Comic Frontier Virtual 2 will host a virtual concert featuring Virtual YouTubers on Day 1. Alterly’s Rora Meerza; Evelyn, Chloe Pawapua, Reynard Blanc and Lily Ifeta of Re:Memories will perform, with Mythia Batford hosting the show.

Next day’s spectacle will have hololive Indonesia’s Pavolia Reine and Jaret Fajrianto from the Ghosty’s Comic series. Ayunda Risu, also from hololive Indonesia, will host the stage for Day 2. Reine also meets her fans through her Japanese class and meet & greet sessions.

Meanwhile, aside from Virtual YouTubers, visitors can sing along through the Utattemita Online karaoke session on Discord.

Capping off each day are the DJ Parties. DJs from Daijobuclub, MatsuriAddict, OTAGROOVE and Rabbit Sky’s resident DJ BiTTO compose the Rabbit Sky Virtual Party 2021 Edition happening on Day 1.

Comic Frontier Virtual 2 ends with an After Party on Day 2, featuring DJs from VibeTRONIC. Both DJ events start at 5:30pm GMT+7.

Comic Frontier Virtual 2021 streams live on YouTube on the weekend of December 18-19. Likewise, you can watch the live stream and visit the booths at comifuro.rabbitsky.io. In addition, its Discord server is open for those who love to interact with fellow fans.

Started in 2012 with 35 participating creators, Comic Frontier is an event visited by 20,000 visitors during its physical run. Comifuro organizes its online events under the Comic Frontier Virtual (Comivuro) banner.

Source: Official Press Release / Official Art by UpMocks · Anime Corner is a media partner for Comic Frontier Virtual 2.

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