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How AniManGaki Continues to Thrive Online

Previously, we brought you to AniManGaki’s Geek Chef tournament which showed participants dishing out great-looking and mouth-watering creations from the comforts of their homes.

On this feature, we dig deeper into the people behind the annual convention and why they continue to thrive online.

The situation so far…

AniManGaki Founder Yvonne Sing laid out the details in running an online convention. “Due to the pandemic and social distancing, the animation, comics and games (ACG) community has been longing for some form of connection.”

For the record, social distancing measures vary from region to region. In Southeast Asia, we refer to these measures as protocols or quarantine orders. Malaysia has their movement control orders (MCO).

In addition, it’s not just event visitors who are at a loss. The meetings, incentives, conventions and events (MICE) industry suffered financially in this pandemic.

It is reported that the industry dealt with an estimated loss of 1.5 billion Malaysian ringgit by mid-March of 2020. This is around 361 million US dollars.

As fans are distant from each other, long-distance communication via the internet is a good option to keep them together. Virtual events serve as a platform to keep the community close. “An online convention works because it provides a different kind of experience and is safer for all who is involved. Also, we just want to spread some positivity during these hard times,” Yvonne added.

AniManGaki Founder Yvonne Sing. (Image handout)

AniManGaki jumping from physical events to online

Screenshot from Day 9 of AniManGaki Online on YouTube

Looking back at her experience running physical events, Yvonne is open to holding AniManGaki online.

“Personally, I feel it is easier to run an on-ground event simply because we have had years of experience doing so. There are some convenience to online conventions that we like, such as the capacity to correct minor errors within seconds and that productions can take place remotely anywhere.”

Nevertheless, it’s the passion and effort that makes this possible. “As it goes with all our projects, we still invest the same amount of passion & effort into AniManGaki Online.”

From holding a two-day event in 2019, AniManGaki held its first three-day online event in 2020. AniManGaki held its longest schedule in its 12-year history this year as it ran from August 6 to 22.

This year’s AniManGaki Online span three weekends with campfire livestreams being held during weekday nights. Performances

The world has changed, but the spirit that keeps the community alive is still here up to this day. As Yvonne puts it: “Controlled chaos, but that is how our community rolls anyway.”

AniManGaki Online is a proof that fans can still enjoy despite these dire situations.

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Special thanks to AniManGaki for providing information in this feature.

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