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CosMania 2023: Bringing Anime to Life With Cosplay Photography

Cosplay Mania (CosMania) 2023, one of the biggest events in Manila, Philippines, was overflowing with a lot of creativity from the con-goers dressed in cosplay. They’re the most energetic bunch out of everyone at an anime convention, especially with their committed passion to strut their meticulously crafted costumes and their favorite characters.

That said, where there are cosplayers, there are also enthusiastic photographers who are just as passionate in expressing their creativity. Because who else can help bring the costumes and anime to life, if not the talented and skillful cosplay photographers?

While we’ve mostly seen indoor cosplays in the last article of our favorite cosplays at Cosplay Mania (CosMania) 2023, I also had the opportunity to chat with local cosplay photographers Moodz Amil and Jerome Paras from Cinestill Studio, Ender Cruz from Pitikulotchi, Efraim Delacruz from Eprim Digital, and Rubz from RBZ Visuals, who were all kind enough to share with me a few of their Cosplay Mania shots, each with their own unique style of highlighting the artistry of cosplay.

And so without further ado, let’s look at these awesome shots by the amazing photographers at CosMania 2023 stationed outside.

Cinestill Studios

“As we delved deeper into Cosplay Photography, we discovered a whole new world of creativity and imagination. The intricate costumes and makeup, combined with the passion and dedication of the cosplayers, made for stunning and unique portraits. We learned to work with different lighting setups and angles to capture the essence of each character and to bring their stories to life through our photographs.”

Cinestill Studios


“Every convention provides a different learning experience. For me, the actual photoshoot is the most difficult part [of the entire creative process], but I still enjoy it a lot. I get to learn new things and I get to interact with different cosplayers!”


Eprim Digital

“I became a photographer because I love looking at the environment around me. It’s constantly changing; if I take a picture of something or someone, that moment becomes frozen in time. It made me realize that “hey this is kinda fun”. The exciting part is that each cosplay shoot is a creative adventure in itself.”

Eprim Digital

RBZ Visuals

And that’s all of it! We hope you enjoyed this CosMania 2023 gallery that especially highlighted the artistry behind cosplay photography. You can also read more in-depth about their creative process. If you like their photos, visit their socials or catch them at the next cosplay convention. The next one by Cosplay.ph is the year-ender, Cosplay Matsuri, which will run through December 28-30,2023. See you there!

Cover Photo: Cinestill Studios featuring Pen Senpai
Special thanks & photo credits: Cinestill Studio, Pitikulotchi, Eprim Digital, and RBZ Visuals
All photo credits belong to the rightful owners. Do not repost without permission.

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